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Brangelina and Family Get Plowed

2/19/2008 4:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Angelina, Brad and the fam hit the slopes at Mammoth Mountain ski resort over the weekend.

Not pictured: their child by birth.


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"r", my appology, not just white trash, I guess trash comes in all colors. And when you adopt a child, that child is yours, blood is no thicker than water. Ridiculous. Just because YOU couldn't love an adopted child as much as "your own" doesn't speak for others.

2407 days ago

Just Wondering    

Angelina is a bad mother, she loves that ugly baby Zahara more than her own biological child Shiloh!!!!!!!!!!!!

2407 days ago


It's not right to exclude your biological daughter on family outings. Why don't they find more things the WHOLE family could do together?

2407 days ago


Why would Shiloh be there? SHE CAN'T SKI OR SNOWBOARD! Duh

2407 days ago


Dang - I was there last weekend. WIsh I could have seen it

2407 days ago


don't be so jealous all you hags, sorry you don't look like angie. sorry you don't have the love of brad pitt. sorry you don't have awesome kids. no need to hate her. just better yourselves.

2407 days ago

Just die Joe!!    

Yes, what a looser Pitt@hit turned out to be. This mental woman offered her womb and he fell for it. Now that he has this beautiful little girl, he turns out to be just as $hitty as she is. Shiloh deserves to be out there running, playing in the snow as the others. We understand that she can't ski, but she can play outside. They have the nanny and bodyguards to help them watch over her. It's that mental Whorelina who will make her daughter pay with her psychotic behaviour.

AND do those children even go to school. I thought it was mandatory. How come they can get away with it????

2407 days ago

Just Wondering    

I want Angelina to adopt me and breastfeed me!!!!!!!!!!!!

2407 days ago


They are with the three OLDER children for THIS particular outing. A 17 month old is best left behind in this case. Use your brains for heaven's sake although perhaps there is so litlte common sense in them it is not possible! Where do you get your moronic ideas or are you those immature negative types who have to say something derogatory about people just for the sake of being the haters that you are.

2407 days ago

la reader    

It is nice to see some common sense from the readers regarding Shiloh being too young for skiing. Shame on TMZ for adding the comment - not pictured their child by birth.

2407 days ago


Yeah, but did Angelina ski? If she did, she ain't preggo.

2407 days ago


This is not the first picture of the family minus their birth child, almost every picture I have ever seen is if the 3 adopted kids only.

2407 days ago


to "la reader" true. Leave it to TMZ to use an offensive caption and fan the flames.
By the way, I also have a 17-month old, along with two four year olds. I would definitely leave my youngest at home for the sake of the the older kids. (And one of the older kids was adopted.) The younger one wouldn't be able to ski and would get tired quickly, ruining it for the older ones. How do you know they aren't planning to, or haven't already, brought Shiloh to a snow park, or something much more appropriate for her age. We see so little of their daily lives, yet so many of you think you know them personally. Time for a reality check.

2407 days ago


Leave these people alone. You're just jealous because Angelina and Brad are doing a great job taking care of such a large family and many of you out there, can't take care of one. As far as little Shiloh goes, she's a baby and wouldn't be skiing at this point. She had all of her kids out that are able to ski. I'm sure when Shiloh is able, she'll be out there too. These are the most well rounded kids I've ever seen. I'm very impressed and admire them both.

2407 days ago


Okay fine people, so perhaps the biological tot is too young to ski. Now let's leave the ski slope. Shiloh is NEVER seen with her parents. Brangelina (that's stupid too) makes me sick. They go around adopting poor kids from other countries so they can look like they are great people doing some wonderful deed. Those kids may as well be props in a movie of the week. Guess what? Anyone ever seen the poor people here in America that live in the Appalachian Mountains? There are children right here in our country dying from starvation and neglect and poverty. Do something good in this country you idiots. Angelina Jolee is a self-centered, self-righteous beeotch and Brad cheated on his wife as soon as he came into contact with the home wrecker. They deserve each other. How do you think Shiloh is going to feel when she's older and her parents tell her that they love the adopted kids more and feel closer to them because they came from poverty? They don't even remember poverty for God's sake! I feel sorry for Shiloh and all her "luxury."

2407 days ago
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