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Brit Doesn't Get Visitation

2/19/2008 7:06 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The lawyers couldn't agree amongst themselves -- so Brit will not get visitation with Sean Preston and Jayden James.

There is no change in the custody order. Also, the Commish made it clear - the issues with the conservatorship being removed to Federal court have no bearing on the custody case.

Also, Trope and Trope is out as Brit's lawyer. Stacy Phillips is now the new lawyer on the case.

It's ironic, we know K-Daddy wants Brit to have visitation and the lawyers came to court today trying to accommodate that, but it didn't happen. Daddy Jamie also has wanted to create some normalcy in Brit's life and wanted visitation restored in a bad way, but it wasn't meant to be.


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Yep it's you and we all know this!

Have you been watching over your shoulder?

2434 days ago


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2434 days ago


Informative post Opinion. Hope everyone reads it.

2434 days ago


If Kevin really wanted Britt to see her children, he would just drive over the house (with her parents there). THe bunk that he wants her to have visitation is just that! Just try and make her look like the caring parent. The lawyers couldn't work it out? Does he not have control of his lawyer? He issued the statement to keep himself from looking so bad in the public eye. He could direct his lawyers to work out a visitation if he really wanted one. He is more interested in trying to repair his image of a money hungry bum! Shame on Federline and TMZ for exploiting Brittany when she is down!

2434 days ago


JJ has a mild fetal alcohol sydrome look. I wonder if this is a factor that has been addressed.

2434 days ago


She was out flashin' her naked crotch 2 nights ago. That's why she doesn't get to see her boys.... SHE'S NOT BETTER !! Otherwize she wouldn't be traipsin around town pantiless !!

Posted at 1:29AM on Feb 20th 2008 by Jersey girl

She WAS NOT flashing her vag you can't see anything!!!

2434 days ago


" Apparently, K-Fed and even Brit's parents won't let the momwreck talk to the kids on the phone."

Ma & Pa Spears are obviously just after the money...not letting her talk to her kids on the phone despite the commissioner saying she could is just sick...they want to send her crazier so they can control her money forever.

2434 days ago

Tennis Chick    

Can everyone chant to the attorney's,


Hey Kaplan-
I guess K-FED likes HELPING his jewish BRO's out with BRIT's CASH!!!

2434 days ago


funny stuff

2434 days ago


It was her father who stopped the visitation....KFed wanted it supervised by a psychiatrist, dad didn't want it unless she went back into a psych facility full time. The Judge couldn't order her back to a psych facility and dad wouldn't agree with Kev's proposal.

Dad won't even let her talk to them on the phone unless she goes back to hospital...that is sooooooo sick. He'll do any cruel thing to see that he gets to keep spending her money.

2434 days ago


I use lots of names to trash Mr. & Mrs. Spears.......Jamie is greedy, John, Amanda, etc.

I think Sam is a wonderful man & he should be allowed to move back in Britney's house & feed her drugs & steal all her money. I am a crazy idiot myself but I can't help it.

2434 days ago


I know what happened is another one of my names. I just love Sam so much until I would do anything to see him back with Britney giving her drugs. That's why I lie & trash papa Spears.

I need to go make some pancakes now.

2434 days ago


My mother dropped me on my head when I was a baby & messed up my brain but I know Sam is such a good man with his drugs & all his restraining orders. He gives me drugs too.

2434 days ago


If you look at the unedited pics, she certainly was flashing it. And her dress was down to her knees, so it wasn't accidental.

2434 days ago


I don't feel sorry for Brit because she made this mess. If she would have stayed home and been a mom then she would still have her boys. I suggest that she stay home, grow up, and be an adult vs. driving all over town showing her ass to all that can see.

2434 days ago
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