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TMZ Photogs Busted in Britney Sweep

2/20/2008 2:37 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The cops have cracked down bigtime on paparazzi -- no, not the ones who blow red lights. Not the ones who run cars off the road. Not the ones who threaten to kill people who get in their way. The L.A. County Sheriff's Department is going after ... sidewalk violators!!!
Paparazzi Mayhem -- click to launch
By our count, six camerapeople were busted last night; two outside the salon where Brit was getting her hair done and four outside Villa nightclub where Lindsay was partying. Two TMZ photogs were among those busted.

Britney cops -- click to watchOne deputy is heard warning paps, "You're slowing down, you're stopping on my sidewalk." When asked what law the photogs were violating, a deputy cited West Hollywood Municipal Code, Section 3.04.030, the Traffic Safety Fund. That section funnels traffic violation money to bankroll traffic lights and other stuff.

One TMZ photog says he had just stepped off the sidewalk when he was cuffed and thrown into the back of a squad car for an hour. Another TMZ photog was hauled off to jail for six hours.

Did Tori Sucker NutriSystem?

Tori Spelling probably made a ton of money from NutriSystem. After all, what a great ad -- someone famous losing her baby weight.

So what does Tori do? She gets knocked up again and gains it all back. We're thinkin' it's one of the great ploys of 2008.

Here's the scenario. Tori has the kid and then resigns with NutriSystem, which pays her even more money to advertise how women with two kids can dump the weight.

We're guessing Tori could end up in a mansion again, with her own money and more kids than Mia Farrow.

Vintage Supermodels -- Super Hot!

Don't tell these cover girls their days are done. Cameras snapped aging supermodels Cheryl Tiegs, Cindy Crawford, Elle Macpherson and Linda Evangelista out yesterday -- and the gals have still got it!
Supermodels: Then and Now -- click to launch
You bettah work!

"The Six Million Dollar Man": 'Memba Him?!

Lee Majors became a pop culture icon in the '70s for playing a bionic cyborg in "The Six Million Dollar Man." In the '80s, he was "The Fall Guy." Guess what he looks like now!
Lee Majors

Britney Enjoys the Greatest Meal Ever

When Britney Spears went to Citrus at Social for dinner on Saturday, photogs captured everything that went on outside the restaurant.

But only TMZ TV knows what went on inside. Two words: lobster burger.


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Brenda Wyatt    

What hair??????

2444 days ago


About time they did something about the Paparazzi. It is getting ridiculous. How would they like it if everything thing they did was recorded. I know these people are stars and their pictures are very much in demand, but allow them to go out to eat, run errands or play with their kids in the park in order to have a some what normal life. I think we would all end up with substance addictions if we were always under the microscope like the paparazzi have put these people. I think people should start following the paparazzi 24/7 and record their every move for a couple of weeks and see how they like it. If you follow someone around and they complain, you are a stalker. but if you have a camera it is ok. What is wrong with this picture?

2444 days ago


Why dont the cops arrest the "stars" for calling the paparazzi tipping them off to where they are going and when they will get there.Then they play the oh I dont want my picture taken game and cover their face then they let the cover slip oops theres a good shot .Bunch of high dollor low class hookers is all they are.

2444 days ago


Why don't the police get the papas that cause traffic problems and run lights, run folks off the roads...those are the ones to really be worried about. Yes, sometimes the ones on sidewalks can in themselves be a problem if you are a no body trying to walk past them...but at least you are better able to handle that then the ones who cause accidents or could cause them because of their driving habits and bad judgements... they could kill someone that way... at least normally on foot they can't do that unless someone has a health problem that is unknown to those around them.

2444 days ago


Oh...Shucky Darn! Why can't we have a Brit free day??? We KNOW how the Paps are, but these morons crave them. We'll see how long THIS will last...LOL!

2444 days ago


Ha ha for the snap-shotters. I mean come on, get a life instead of following someone else's. It's sad that it has come to this, You guys should have learned your boundaries. HAHA!

2444 days ago


Hey moron....these people make MILLIONS of dollars a year when the rest of us struggle to make THOUSANDS!! If all they have to worry about being followed around all the time, getting their picture taken, then I would say they have it pretty good. You don't like getting your pic taken, then DON'T BE FAMOUS!!! Struggle like the rest of us.

2444 days ago


Glad to see photogs finally being dealt with. Those losers get paid to harrass and pester people. I propose a law allowing anyone being bothered by the losers, if they are within 50 feet, you can beat the hell out of them. Get a real job, bitches!

2444 days ago

Lizabeth S. Tucker    

To the police arresting the photogs...Bravo!!! It's about time. To my mind, the anti-stalking laws should be applied to them. There is a huge difference between doing normal celebrity photographing and the mob that blocks the way of both the celebrity and the people trying to do their normal business. So keep arresting them all!!

2444 days ago


I have aplan. I say anytime you see a loser photogapher vampire like this, just pee one them! That's it! PEE ON THE PAPPI! LOL

2444 days ago


I agree 100% with Kantor, but at the same time if the photogs couldn't care less about a persons instability what the hell should we care if they get cuffed and thrown into the slammer. You guys don't care about other people's well being? Well, you aint' getting any sympathy from me. Stay a few nights in jail for all I care.

2444 days ago


About time these pappies got thrown in jail. I speak as a photog who has worked in Iraq. What good are these folks - the pappies - actually doing? How is the world better because of their hunting people down? A big shout out to the LA County Sherrif's Dept!

2444 days ago


GOOD! You paparazzi are so fickle in getting around the laws so you can chase down celebs, go to their homes, follow them around, I would attack someone too if they constantly harassed me and followed me. Now the police have to resort to minor infractions just to get you to leave people alone! FINALLY.

2444 days ago


quite honestly I couldn't say it much better than Stan......
however "IF" THE PUBLIC agrees with Stan there is only one BOYCOTT........
to not watch TMZ not buy magazines exploiting stars...
on one hand stars might be looking for attention for "free" advertising....
but it is their talents that should be their advertising...
all else is cheap...
so I vow today to not watch TMZ
I vow today to not look at magazines at checkout counters...
for I, or those like me, have only one choice to stop the harassment of human beings called "STARS"
let their talents be their stardom....
I hope you are the Joan of Arc who causes the paps to burn at the stake.......

2444 days ago


Technically, they can also be charged with unlawful assembly, public nuisance, and stalking.
I'd like to see much stiffer regulations for them. We require taxi drivers to get permits and follow guidelines, why not the papparazzi?

2444 days ago
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