Tori Spelling 90049

11/2/2006 5:28 PM PST

Tori Spelling, 90049

Tori Spelling has left the 90210.

Banished from her 123-room childhood home by mommie dearest Candy Spelling, TMZ has learned that mom-to-be Tori and her man-wife Dean McDermott are about to become, dare we say, renters!

Tori, who hasn't spoken to Candy since the death of her TV mogul father Aaron Spelling, is moving into an apartment building located in a not-so-exclusive section of Brentwood. Dean-O, I have a feeling we're not in Beverly Hills anymore.

While the building does include a pool and fitness center, Tori will have to get used to roughing it, since her new digs don't include a private bowling alley, ice skating rink or gift-wrapping room. Oh the humanity!

Luckily, it seems Tori and her second hubby won't have any trouble making their monthly rent, as they're set to start production on a new reality show for Oxygen, which will follow them as they open a bed and breakfast and await the arrival of their baby.

Renting. Working. Pregnant. Looks like our little girl is all growed up! *sniff*