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African Men Like Bush

2/21/2008 5:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

With 333 days left in office, George W. Bush toured Africa and stopped to pose for pictures with a group of shirtless Ghanaian musicians on Wednesday.
Bush in Africa
Wherever he goes, people seem to lose the shirts off their backs.


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midwest gal    

40. "19. ...And the governor was a woman.

Posted at 4:23PM on Feb 21st 2008 by midwest gal"

A girl actually said that, yes. Self-loathing c*nt.

Posted at 4:42PM on Feb 21st 2008 by M

I figured that I would be called a name. I just dont remember the governors name and she is a woman. It's a fact. It isn't something to call another person a name over....geez

btw....why not give kudos to him for something good he has done instead of never conceding on anything.

I hope you have a great day!

2406 days ago


Bush is an idiot. Thank God he's almost outta here!

2406 days ago


We are military! We like him - better then Clinton!!!! You guys only like us at Election time!!! Let us do our job - please!

2406 days ago


Well Said "loisa" Well Said Well Said. Oh and Whamo go to hell, we really don't care what you canadians have to say.

2406 days ago


I am proud that my tax dollars are going to Africa and helping delay someones eminent death.

2406 days ago


God meets clinton.

All the candidates are killed in an accident at the dems convention.
Before God accepts them into heaven he asks them What do you believe.

God takes a seat and asks oBAMA What do you believe? oBAMA answers and God says sit over there. Dennis Kusinich is asked by God What do you believe? Dennis answers and God says sit over there.

Finally God gets to hillary clinton and asks her, What do you believe?

hillary answers " I believe you are in my chair"

2406 days ago


#53 Mary...Both my mom and dad were military. My dad was in the military for 32 years. My husband retired from the military after an assignment to the Air Force Academy. We are supporting Obama.

2406 days ago


no problem cosmo. although i see that "M's" comment I was making a reference to is no longer there, unless I missed it. The #27 that is there now is someone else's comment. But I did see on the first page that self righteous M posted a very racial comment directed to southern white people so obviously this person is a very ignorant and narrow minded piece of trash who has nothing better to do than spread their stupidity and hate amongst the rest of us. And they say us white folks are the ones who breed racism. Maybe we started it, but we are OBVIOUSLY not the only ones keeping it alive.

2406 days ago


Personally, I could care less about what Bush has done or hasn't done with regards to Africa. What I am concerned about is what he has done (or, hasn't done for that matter) for the U.S. Bush and the backward republicans have destroyed this country and its going to take a miracle to get America back on track for our own people. I'm sick and tired of the U.S. always being looked for to cure the ills of the world, while our own country suffers. I'm afraid we're sunk for sure if Obama gets elected. The U.S. for sure will turn into a third world country -- we're well on our way to being one as it is.

2406 days ago


You think Bush is taking the shirts off peoples back wait till Hilary.

2406 days ago


Most men like Bush- not george.

2406 days ago

Grace E.    

33. You know GWB wants to take those strong black men to work at his ranch in Crawford!

Posted at 4:39PM on Feb 21st 2008 by Kelli

Working Black men?????You obviously have never been to Washington D.C. Additionally the arguement for open borders and illegal aliens is that no one here wants to work.

2406 days ago


Me - TMZ gets scared and pulls comments like p*ussies. I saw what she said. She called me names because that is all she can do.

2406 days ago


Bush needs some weeds pulled on the ranch. CHEAP LABOR!

2406 days ago


Recently talked to a friend who is a very conservative christian and recently retired military. I was surprised to learn that he hates Bush. Feels that Bush has destroyed any credibility we once had in the world and any respect that was had for us is gone. It will take much work to get it back but I think it will happen.

2406 days ago
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