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Brit's Dad -- Key Player in Visitation

2/22/2008 11:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the conditions of Britney's visits with her kids.
We broke the story that lawyers for both sides have agreed to visitation in a therapeutic setting. Now we've learned the specifics. The kids can visit with momma, provided Jamie Spears and her psychiatrist are present. There are other strings, but at a minimum Jamie and the shrink are required.

We're told both sides are impressed that Jamie has stabilized Britney and the whirlwind surrounding her crazy life, and that's a core reason why a deal was struck.

Sources say Britney will begin seeing her kids again imminently.


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Mr. Spears had his work cut out for him but he's done a fantastic job getting rid of the slime & hiring new people around Britney. Sam was one of the main reasons she lost custody of her children & there's no way Sam will ever be allowed around them again. You see for the time being Mr. Spears has to be present during those visits & the court already views him as being a big influence in Britney's life so no judge is going to give Sam Lutfi the time of day.

Sam Lutfi you've lost this one so you may as well find a job & go to work. No judge is going to allow you to be aound those children because you're a low-life good-for-nothing-nobody who has four restraining orders out on you already.

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I think she needs to see her children and they need to see her. She clearly has problems but I think she really loves her boys. I am so proud that her dad has taken the reins and is looking out for Brits best interest. Mental illness should not be looked down on. Alot of people in this world have some mental issues whether they want to admit or not, and they need help. Its time the world realizes that mental illness can be handled. While Brit was out of control she did not know any better and people around her just wanted to use her. They wanted to milk her for the money. I hope her dad keeps up the good work. I wish Britney the best and hope her life will be fulfilled. I also think she has post partum blues combined with a bi-polar disease. I hope everyone prays for Britney and her family.

2398 days ago

i-fed up of fedex    

NO MARIE. I answered someone's question about what has been posted on other sites..... I personally couldn't care less about what Adnan is doing. The longer he stays off my screen the better.

2398 days ago


The mental illness, bipolar disorder that Spears is alleged to have is supposed to take months and months to stablize. She
probably just started medication a couple of weeks back, and it will probably be months before she starts to balance out. So
if Spears is still up to some of her bad girl behavior, it probably means her mental condition is not under control yet. The media is best off to ignore this behavior by Spears. It's old news anyway. And by the time her condition is under control, she will proabably(hopefully) stop that kind of behavior completely.

2398 days ago


They need to keep Sam and her cousin Allie out of her life. To state that he had been drugging her, that is really shameful. They should also get Adain out of her life too, but I guess it is a game of conquering the enmies one at a time. Time to say bye-bye. And I have said it once and I will say it again when the laundry is done and hung out to dry do not be surprised to find out that K-Leach was also involved in this too. All of the sudden Sam has K-Leached lawyer???? I am glad her dad and mom are somewhat back in her life. This to wil take sometime, but keep the prayers going in the right direction.

Iknow there are a few who love to her about her mishaps, but if something were to happen to her because some SOB drugged her would it really turn you on that much? I really hope not.

2398 days ago

wait what    

I don't think TUNA is in a position to question anyone's sanity. He thinks of Sam as a victim in all this and called him "poor thing". Even if you hate Brit, anyone with half a mind can see that Lutfi is evil.

2398 days ago


Also, according to the Enquirer, she has blown through more than 22 MILLION since her split from K-Fed.

2398 days ago


good luck britney and way to go Jamie! Her Dad has obviously been a very good influence for her. i wish her and the kids all the best.

2398 days ago

i-fed up of fedex    

wait what. i have that problem sometimes whe their server gets busy - like when too many people post at the same time, youhave to repost,,, silly, when they update stories too!

2398 days ago

wait what    

No one believes what the Enquirer says, you idiot. But keep mashing that keyboard with your chimpanzee palm. Mongoloid.

2398 days ago


I really feel this is important for Britney's healing and the boys ultimate stability.
I'm so glad they are working it out!
Good luck Brit! Now...if you could just keep your panties on
and your legs closed...that would be a start in the right direction.

2398 days ago


She needs to see her kids for THEIR sake.Not hers. They love her.

2398 days ago

i-fed up of fedex    

opi, no offence, but i would believe what i read in the national enquirer less than i would believe have the crap they write abotu Brit in page6. So what. She earns $750000 per month and is valued at over $100mio. she probably gets through her interest every year.

2398 days ago


I am very happy that Britney gets to be with her children. This is a good thing. I think she is headed in the right direction and I will keep praying for her and her family until they get through this and then some. God answers prayers.

2398 days ago
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