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LAPD Chief to "Airhead" Brit: Stay the F&*% Home!

2/22/2008 2:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

LAPD chief William Bratton has the secret to solving the "paparazzi problem" in Los Angeles -- lock Britney Spears in her house! Who would be against that?
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The chief was on with Patt Morrison on 89.3 KPCC-FM radio Wednesday when he was asked about proposed legislation designed to curb the paparazzi. Check out his response.


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Alanna Korb    

This is messed up he says britt should stay home because they have to dispatch cops that tax payer s pay for since when is britt not a taxpayer? Or for that matter a citizen that has every right to leave her house when she feels like it. They need to take care of the paps britt is not the only one that they have to dispatch cops over what about tom and katie lindsey lohan or any other star when you see them you see cops too.

2344 days ago


That would keep the paps away. But then she wouldn't get her fix for the day! Sheesh.

2374 days ago


Now theres a man with some sense!!!

2374 days ago


Sure she's an attention whore, but wtf, she can't leave her house now just because of these losers? I can't stand the girl, but she shouldn't have to lock herself up for anyone. Maybe the pap's need a life.

2374 days ago


LAPD chief William Bratton = COMMIE BASTARD!!! He has no right to tell someone (not under house arrest) not to leave their house.

Get out there and control the paps. In other words, do your job you lazy bastard.

2374 days ago


YES !!! Finally some-one with some sense in the drama queen's life.
Stay home Brit-Brit, or move to China...far enough from the USA.

2374 days ago

Dr. Adams    

(((HEY....LAPD chief William Bratton )))....your resources weren’t so limited when you dispatched an army of LA's finest to escort Britter's too the Looney bin.....what happened...did you finally get some flack over that little ditty????

2374 days ago

THese sternies are mean people who have no feelings    

Well , officer we'll just ALL stay home , just for you ! Then you don't have to do your job !

2374 days ago

Area 51    

This guy does make sense. Sure, Brit is free to go anywhere, but her jackass behavior invites the paps. If she would stay at home for a while, the public would eventually become less interested in her...and she is such a publicity pig that she couldn't stand that.

2374 days ago


Yes, Brit should stay home (as she has been lately). No, this POLICE CHIEF should not be speaking about people that he took the oath to protect. His comments are dishonorable. If he does not agree with the pending legislation, he could have been more professional in his comments. I am not impressed with him to stoop low, along with the bad judgement of the PEOPLE HIS IS PAID TO PROTECT (from themselves in some cases).

2374 days ago


I can't believe he said that. Brit should be allowed to do walk the streets w/o the mess that surrounds her--THE PAPS. Making Brit stay at home is not going to make the problem go away. She is not the only one being HARRASSED by the PAPS. The Chief needs to identify the problem before he can attempt to fix it and the solution is not making Brit stay at home...

2374 days ago


As of late, Britney has been as under raps as possible. . I believe thanks to her dad. . an it is still a nut house where ever she goes. People can't stay home, they have to have a life. . shop, dine out, doctors, workout, visit people, etc. . She is just a person and should be left alone when she is doing normal daily stuff. I hate that I am following the story. . but I would be happy we did not have a story to follow anymore. Maybe a press release or two from reliable sources, pics/videos form sightings at celebrity galas, but that should be enough. Let daily stuff be left alone.

2374 days ago


They're both right - the Paps are out of control, and Brit encourages it. The paps literally swarm people, getting up in their faces, standing in front of their cars, chasing them, etc. There needs to be some distance, a buffer zone. That said, Brit and Paris and a few others get out there and intentionally stir the pot - heck, Brit, left on her own, will drive around endlessly for hours just playing with the paps. So yes, Brit needs to stay home and out of the paps faces. When she does go out on legit outings, she needs to provide her own bodyguards and the paps need to stand back and quit creating a hazard by swarming her. The paps do need to be barred from staking out people's homes. None of Brit's neighbors asked for that mess.

2374 days ago


So what now. She should be a prisoner in her own home, because the LAPD are tired of doing their job? This is america, I believe we are aloud to come and go as we please. You were right on one thing tax payers do pay your salaries. Do your job and protect your "tax paying" citizens.

2374 days ago


Finally someone said it. If the paps are "bothering" her so much why don't she stay at home or move to a place where paps are limlimited. She love the attention from the paps. If she hated the paps she wont befriend them ,drive around in cars with them or sleep with a paps. A lot of celeb who actually want privacy are living their lives in pravate. Look at Julia Robert, Bradgelina and Tom cruz. She can live her life in private if she want ,but she love attention and do foolish thing like showing her disgusting body to the paps just for attention.

2374 days ago
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