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Preggers Again?!

2/23/2008 8:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

BrangelinaBrad and Angelina haven't confronted any pregnancy rumors, but today at the Film Independent's Spirit Awards, the two decided to use a more passive approach -- just show the bump!

If Angie's not pregnant, she has some serious gas issues!


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GO JENNIFER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Leave these two publicity hounds to their own destruction. Jennifer, it coulsdbe worse! It could have been YOU! Thank GOD you saved yourself from this ego-centric lifestyle.

GO JENNIFER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2433 days ago


Oh yeah..real lucky baby.. like the other one.. the one they never take anywhere? I'm beginning to think they've got her holed up somewhere with a nanny because she's not a poster child for the UN.

2433 days ago

Jey Josephs    

Congrats A & B. Just wondering, how many nannies do they have, and how many children do they need to complete a family?
Indeed, the children of A & B will be privileged! Hopefully they will not turn out to be HollyWierd!

2433 days ago


How did they manage that with 4 kids sleeping in their bed?????

2433 days ago


This is NOT photoshopped. You idiots. I've seen it a few places now. She is preg for sure. Congrats to them! They look like such a wonderful, happy familly. It's nice to see celebs focused on actually spending time with and taking care of their kids.

2433 days ago


if you can't feed em', don't breed em'. One of the biggest problems in the world is overpopulation, a lot of people are having children and expecting everyone else to pay for them from cradle to college (If they get that far) at least this couple can afford their children, and they try to contribute to socitey by adopting, although it would be great to see them adopt an american kid.

2433 days ago

juanita it me or is Brad channeling Robert Redford?????????????!
A Sansabelt? A Sansabelt??? I thought they only sold them at the Goodwill. Maybe they're carrying them at the local flea markett?? A new fashionista in the making? Must be feeling a little left out with his burgeoning brood du jour.
If he cheats with her he will cheat on her. No respect.

2433 days ago


Let me also address people saying her bump is too pointy to be real. LOTS of women look like that at this stage of the game, it's normal to be a little pointy. When I had my son my tummy was perfectly round but with my daughter I had that point!

2433 days ago


How do we know you havn't faked that photo? I wouldn't put it past you TMZ.

2433 days ago


Go Brad and Angie! Hope you are both happy and have a great family! Sorry Jen, you did not want children. Your career was too important. See how Angie did it. Take notes. I am sorry you and Brad did not make it. But, people need to stop
hating. This kind of thing happens everyday. It's just happend to well known people. Jennifer has moved own I hope.
Best of luck to her too.

2433 days ago


Is Shilo a Us citizen??/ Wasn't she born in another country?

2433 days ago


YAY! I'm so happy for these two!

2433 days ago


You guys are so stupid. Anyone who has been pregnant with MULTIPLES knows your belly has a weird shape to it. She sticks out farther then she should for her size. That meens there is more than one

2433 days ago


Nice photoshop. Get a new hobby, TMZ.

2433 days ago


No matter how much public good these two do, I will always think of Angelina as the freakshow who wore Billy Bob's blood, kissed her brother, and spilled the details of her grotesque sex life. And Brad's just a whipped little boy who got his balls cut off his first night in bed with Angie. They're totally overrated.

2433 days ago
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