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Brit's Visit is Over!

2/23/2008 5:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney's visitation with her boys ended at noon today, and K-Daddy's bodyguard grabbed the kids and left Brit's home at the Summit in a hurry.

Hopefully this visit with her kids can get the popwreck back to normalcy. Whatever that is!


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Good for HER

2433 days ago


Why does that POS K-Fed have a bodyguard? That seriously made me laugh out loud. What would anyone want from him? All he has he leeched from Britney.

2433 days ago


Britney / Family

ღGOD BLESS..... ღ
ღGOD GIVES PEACE TO YOU............ ღ
ღAND MUCH WISDOM............................... ღ
ღGOD BE WITH YOU.......................................... ღ
ღMUCH PEACE! MUCH PEACE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ღ

♪ ღ ♪ ღ ♪ ღ ♪ ღ ♪
ღPeace, Prosperity and Passion for you and your boys!!! ღ
Peace for Spears family
god bless them all and bring back a happy life!!
We wanna see your smile, girl!
Just believe girl, just believe!

2433 days ago

Mr. Hat    


Sorry to say but Britney has harmed her children in inumerable ways, many which won't be evident for years.
To have her alone with them would be irresponsible.

2433 days ago

Mr. Hat    

To Effing Duh:

I'm so assured because you're confident.
It must be OK then.

2433 days ago


When are they gonna give her back visitation rights to her crackpipe? And her underwear?

2433 days ago

Mr. Hat    

Sorry Ruth,

That was supposed to address anonymous.

2433 days ago

I Smell A Rat    

Me #29 - This is just a start - it has to start someplace, and after all that's gone down therapeutic visitation is the deal for now. Is it sad? Yes. But it's also SAFE (both emotionally and physically). That HAS to be the judge's agenda here, and by law is his ONLY consideration. He's not allowed to take into account the effect that may or may not have on a parent.

You also said "never", which isn't accurate. That only happens if Britney doesn't continue treatment and goes off the deep end again. Mental illness does not, in and of itself, disqualify a parent from having visitation or even custodial rights. She can earn her way to full visitation rights and more. The key word here is EARN. It will take her time to completely stabilize, just as it took her a long time to spiral down to the point where she did. And she will have to demonstrate to the court that she has indeed stabilized, complied with all orders, and MAINTAINED IT for a period of time. So all we can do is hope she'll stay the course and continue on the path she's apparently started down, for her own sake and for the sake of her children. Then, yes - she'll be able to take them to the playground, and the movies, and the toy store, and out to dinner, and do all the other "normal" mommy things. I wish her luck, and kudos to her dad for his perseverance thus far!

2433 days ago


She has like 5 people watching her every move for just 3 hrs., To make sure she do not harm them.3 hours is better than 0 time with the kids. The boys are on a schedule and they should be. I hope she did not talk in her crazy acent to those babies. They do not need to be confuse.

2433 days ago


16. k daddy better check them kids from one end to the other . to see if they were sexual abused or tortured or even poisioned. its not know what a person with this bi polor will do.they are very unpredictable and not trustful at all. i pray everything is ok

Posted at 5:10PM on Feb 23rd 2008 by Ruth

I resent this remark so much if I could reach through the screen and smack some sense into you I would!!! I am bipolar, I take my medications, but even when I didn't I NEVER EVER EVEN CONSIDERED MOLESTING, TORTURING, OR POISONING OR OTHERWISE HARMING ANYONE MUCH LESS A CHILD! Get your facts straight, Ruth...the majority of people who do these things aren't bipolar at all, they have what is called a PARAPHILIA. Look it up, educate yourself...boy did you piss me off.

2433 days ago

Medical Girl    

KATE #23 SAID "First of all, three hours or less is simply NOT an adequate amount of time for the boys to settle down and get re-acquainted with their mother. It would have been reasonable to have the boys stay longer, say - maybe over lunchtime..."

Yeah Kate, maybe by then Britney would have visited the bathroom 10 more times until she "became normal." I pray to god those poor innocent boys didn't have to be exposed to mama's breasts or vagina. At least there were mental health professionals there to remind her who they were and what they were doing there. Get real

2433 days ago

i-fed up of fedex    

I'm really happy for her and the boys and am sure this is just the first step in a return to happier times. It's good for the boys as they haven't had to suffer long time away - bonding issues. And it's good for her becaus eit will remind her that the toughness of the current situation has been worth it.
I'm just surprised to see that all the cynics haven't softened up even just a bit. Time will tell I guess!

2433 days ago


These children are being sacrificed to make this self-absorbed drunken, degenerate jackass feel good. Five people have to be with her to ensure that she does nothing to endanger the children. That in itself should demonstrate that she should not be anywhere near these kids.

2433 days ago

i-fed up of fedex    

37. Ruth:
Sorry to say but Britney has harmed her children in inumerable ways, many which won't be evident for years.
To have her alone with them would be irresponsible.
Posted at 5:51PM on Feb 23rd 2008 by betti


Only because she chose to marry their father.............

2433 days ago


Wow I would hate to be Britney. Everyone has an opinion on how, who and what etc way she should live her own damn life. Since everyone knows what the hell is going on and are experts...

2433 days ago
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