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Bush Leaves The Tush Hanging

2/23/2008 7:51 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Reggie Bush must love being Kim Kardashian's boyfriend -- because he doesn't have to lift a finger! The NFL star was out at Mr. Chow on Friday with Kim -- where he dove into the passenger side, leaving Kim to weave through the thick crowd of paps while he fiddled with his cell phone.

Guess the Tush is a low-maintenance kind of girl!

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suzy goo    


2432 days ago


Nice guy, play with your phone while she is being stalked.

2432 days ago

a guy    

He's better than me, I would have jumped in the driver's seat and left.

2432 days ago

He's Boring now    

shes an idiot to even be seen with that over hyped bust. he and his family were given money and free housing while he was a collegiate athlete, so why would you expect him to have manners---he wants everyone to do for him, not the other way aaround...was so glad he had a crappy season and will soon be a nothing player.

kim, you picked the wrong person to be seen with, get with it sweety and at least read the paper to know the news about this guy..meet the next roger clemens, a cheater but without the stats.

2432 days ago


Bush is the ugliest STD'ing low class low IQ fattie boy jerk going on - the most hated boy in the NFL!!!

And he is being sued for $10M for taking pay offs for he & his fat parents while playing college F-ball.

2432 days ago

a guy    

#5, wow. SO, his family was given housing and money in trade for his talents, knowing that his contract would cover the expenses. KIM ON THE OTHER HAND, is given housing and money for doing NOTHING. You have some great priorities there #5.

2432 days ago

sexy hollywood kid    

SHE IS A HOE, AND SHE ASS IS WAY TOO FAT.... nasty fat ass , why does she even have her own reality show ??

she is a joke, so back and do another porn video. Kim has NO talent !!

2432 days ago


She has no class or manners herself, folks. Fake Butt implants, give me a break. Or, being sued for using a client's credit card without permission...WHAT ! A total freaky deaky hoe. and her Mom is not very nice either. Have you seen the show on E! ?
What a screwy and immoral family. Anything for money. A true Nafke. Even Prince Von Ahnhult wouldn't want her ! And he's pretty low on the pole. (I guess he works out though, see his pic on this page !)

2432 days ago


Forget hard work and talent....just come out with a sex tape and all your wishes and dreams will come true.

2432 days ago

He's Boring now    

#7 mr reality...she did do something..she made a sex tape...same as Bush did, runs around on a field of grass and kept his FAT ASSed parents living good....at least Kims Father went to College....Bush broke the rules knowingly with his parents blessing. They are really a dumb family, you know that right? Kims father at least went to law school...

Why you love Reggie Bush so much? No one else does, unless they are losers, cheaters, scammers, rude and have very Fat parents.

2432 days ago


She's trash.

2432 days ago


Lol! Common people she is just a big ass to him. She isn't wife material he will NEVER marry her. He is just like the rest and so is she.

2432 days ago


The Kardashians are a disgrace. Kim is nasty! Reggie Bush is a cheater!! Kris Jenner is a 50 yr old slut!!!

2432 days ago

a guy    

#10, THE PARENTS HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH KIM OR REGGIE. Kim is famous for being a WHORE, Reggie earned his money. WHAT SORT OF HARD WORK DID KIM DO? GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE TRYING JUSTIFY HER BEING SPOILED. I never even referred to Bush's family, HE MADE THE MONEY BY WORKING HIS ASS OFF. Whether you like him or not, PLAYING IN THE NFL IS NOT EASY. Kim is famous for a silly sex tape that basically, ANYONE COULD DO. Why do I like Reggie Bush? I NEVER SAID I DID. I just can't stand Kim being rich and NOT ACTUALLY EARNING IT. Why do you like Kim so much? That's a better question.

2432 days ago

April Fouels    

typical behavior for the "chuds"

2432 days ago
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