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Sean Penn

Into the Wild Blonde Yonder

2/23/2008 4:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sean Penn, who recently split up with his wife, Robin Wright Penn, after 11 years of marriage -- hit up Villa last night with a sexy, rebound blonde that looked half his 47 years. Wait, is that Petra Nemcova?!

Sean Penn's presence must have stymied the surrounding photog's vision -- as they didn't recognize one of the hottest women on the planet!


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If Sean is the kind of guy I think he is, he would donate much of his money to charity and not want it to be mentioned because he would do it out of a totally unselfish desire to help the needy not to gain credit for it like many other celebrities might. He is the type of actor that I would consider a living legend and someone I would love to know. Nobody is perfect and just because he cannot maintain a marriage to one woman for life ( which is not reality these days anyway regardless of your fame or status) does not make him a bad guy. People like Sean are actually helping others because they are living their dream and doing what they want with their lives, they are real, genuine, they dont pretend to be somebody they are not and they dont listen to anybody, they do what they want, when they want. He is the type of person who will fight to the end, until he is exhausted mind body and spirit to get what he wants. I dont believe he is typical Hollywood, he is best friends with Robert De Niro for goodness sakes, who hates the spotlight and they are both similar in that way. Their acting, their work means the world to them and Im sure that is so precious to them that they would want to be remembered for that and only that, something so pure, they would not want their work to be tainted by what Hollywood makes out to be important like "Oscars and looks"> that is why they become angry, that is why they are misunderstood and considered spoilt. He is a true actor, he is freedom.

2388 days ago


Back off bitches, he's mine now!

2432 days ago

ac sports book    

exact double?

2432 days ago

He's Boring now    

Sean Penn...this loser doesnt know who he is or what he wants. Trying to tell all of America how we should vote and feel about the World. What does this douche bag know? He cant even keep a marriage and family together, why the frick should I listen to his preaching about how awful this Country is?

If its that bad, than go to that russian looking girl you are with country...You wouldnt dare because they'd jail you for being a subversive.

Have a nice life you non serving, cry babying, spoiled son of a rich hollywood type...just dont tell the rest of us what to do..your credentials include Fast Times at Ridgemont High as I recall.vb

2432 days ago


A flyweight know nothing along the lines of George Clooney.

2432 days ago

He's Boring now    

Well, long about 12 years ago I knew this marriage wouldnt last forever..not when Sean had Kitten Natividad at his Bachelor party. I guess family values have never been high on the Penn familys to do list.

2432 days ago


When are Sean Penn, Alec Balwin, Barbra Streisand, Susan Sarandon, Danny Glover, Martin Sheen, Mike Farrell, Ed Asner, Jane Fonda, Janeane Garofalo , Harry Belofonte, and George Clooney figure out that everything they have is due to what America has offered them. Each one has promised to move out of America at one time or another because everything in America today is wrong. They say the entire system of government is wrong and needs to be changed in its entirety. I welcome the day when each one moves to some other country. They can take all their assests with them and have a happy life elsewhere. I prefer an odd person like Ed Bagley Jr. that practices what he preaches to elitists that cannot function outside of their gated, protected lives. If they are true belivers in Socialism, they will donate much of their money to a good "Thousand Ponts of Light" charity and then go to a nice friendly country like Cuba or El Salvador or Venezuala and actually help people and bring their kids with them so they can obtain a real education.

2432 days ago


Gold digger.

2432 days ago


Uncanny resemblance,,,,grats to him....

2432 days ago

cry baby    

when you start doing something for this country other than run your mouth on celebrity blogs, then you can talk about others.

2432 days ago

Ms. Hysterical    

If you really want to make Penn mad, all you have to do is say, " Hey Sean, your hair is really starting to thin out." This shallow and self absorbed egotist cares more about his hair than global warming or politics. If you work on one of his movies you will find this out.

2432 days ago

Really, really sad    

I really hope that is not Petra. I always liked her and if she is hanging out with this sleazeball she is pathetic. I believe that the girl in the video has a russion accent. It might be one of the two russian hookers that his wife caught him having a threesome with. He is gross and ugly. Why is he even famous? He hasn't been in a good movie in ages. Go away!

2432 days ago


He is not worthy of Petra.

2432 days ago

who dat    

This must piss bruce willis off. You see, about a year ago bruce what trying to hit that. He even went so far as to make a donation to her foundation. Guess she falls for the A-hole type. My fav story was how once when sean and madonna were together; he make her dress up like a chicken and stand inside the closet. Now thats tough love. btw- petra is one of the hottest poas' in hollyweird.

2432 days ago


no no no
please dont be a dog sean
no no

2432 days ago
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