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Mark Vincent Kaplan Speaks on Brit

2/24/2008 4:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

K-Fed's lawyer was out at Villa last night -- where he openly spoke about Britney getting custody back, K-Daddy's feelings about the popwreck, and tequila! After dealing with crazazy court cases all week, MVK just wants to have fun!

Elliot Mintz, über-publicist and Kaplan's new media consultant, added his two cents as well. The Brit saga is lookin' up!


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tuna marie    

media whore-he is worse than britney.

2377 days ago

luv my TMZ    

That was downright civilized.

2377 days ago


what a media pig..........he has nerve talking about her acting out, the paps. running after her......looks like he goes to the same kinds of places and who does he find the paps. that he can crow to about how great he and Pa Clampit are, yadda, yadda, yadda........Come on Feds. get into the case of Britney and throw all these sleezy lawyers to the ground.

2377 days ago


Sad and unfortunate tales? Sad and unfortunate false allegations more like it! Daddy Spears has been through the corrupt family court system so he know whats uo. Kraplan knows his days are numbered so he's trying to put a good face on it but don't be fooled. If Brit wants her 50% custody back you will see the glove back on. This case was rigged from the get go. All set up! Go Brit! Go daddy Spears!

2377 days ago



Forget it honey this case is not going to be handled by the Feds. Britney is getting better thanks to her family stepping in & getting rid of Sam the monster. Pa Clampit????? You must remember this is her father so regardless of what you may call him, it doesn't change the fact that they love each other & your thoughts are worthless.

Your old buddy Sam is history!

2377 days ago


why are they at villa? If my lawyer/doctor was seen in the media giving press comments from the latest hip nightspot I think i'd go ballistic.

2377 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

When will Britney see the kids again? Is her Mom still with her?

2377 days ago


debeers......Yes, let's throw all the sleezy lawyers representing Sam to the ground. They have no standing whatsoever trying to interfere with the conservators for Britney. The nerve of Sam, Sands & that nutcase lawyer they hired to try to make this a federal case by pretending to represent Britney.

2377 days ago


Yes, her parents are very important in her life (everyone including this attorney was out to destroy this young woman as a mother). I can imagine the father of the children regrets he, too, ever let the courts take control of all their lives....he was a part of her psychiatric downward spiral and, hopefully, he is now anxious to get rid of his attorney. Instead of speaking to the media as a couple of know-it-alls about women who are mothers, these legal pigs need to keep their mouths closed and find another vulnerable victim to exploit! Britney has lined the wallets of a lot of males in recent years, and it is time to bring a closure to this aspect of our still patriarchal society so she can rebuild a psychologically sound and empowered life as a woman, i.e. one who can participate with her father in handling all of her material affairs. Her parents intervened at just the perfect time to save her life and her resources from all the wolves!

2377 days ago


I can't believe this idiot is going to pap hangouts and talking to them. He should be keeping his mouth SHUT.

2377 days ago

marilyn her mom is back with the Brit's sister . Her dad has stayed with her thru all of this. That why there is a change in Brit ( still not checking to see if his daughter has her undies on tho) Also, a therapist. I can't imagine what it was like for her babies tho. spending time with their mom who they haven't seen in weeks then leaving again. Hope Brit really gets her act together.

Say what you want about K-fed and his lawyer...but had they not taken extreme measures with the boys ,,,,would Brit have ever gone to the hospital and undergone treatment. the boys could be dead, had it not been for them. I am sure that K-fed would like to have his boys have their mother... he is a dad who loves his kids.

As far as the feds stepping in>>>>> i would hope they have more important things to do then worry about Brit/Sam. Please... not gonna happen. Sam is gone!

2377 days ago


-elliot related to truman kapote?
- we finally found someone who loves the cameras than judge itto=kaplan!!!!

2377 days ago

Angry Democrat 'Sky Blu' from LMFAO attack GOP Romney on Purpose .    

Kaplan (k fed lawyer) is demanding ongoing payments (500k) from britney ,even though he is k fed lawyer . Investigate this lawyer kaplan (k fed lawyer)

2377 days ago


I don't understand the criticism of Mr. Kaplan. From viewing the clip, he only said that he and Kevin are glad that Britney is allowed visitation and both sides appear to be happy with how things are progressing. I used to not understand why he had the need to say anything at all, however Kevin's had an uphill battle to fight from the very beginning of his relationship with Britney in terms of public perception. Kaplin is right to bring out the positives about Kevin especially as it relates to this very public custody battle. He never seems to give away too much information about what's going on. Some people continue to be quick to blame Kevin and everyone for Britney's problems. I personally hope he is rewarded with full custody of those children and Britney only visitation.

2377 days ago

the DQ    

"When will Britney see the kids again? Is her Mom still with her?"

Huh???? Where the he** have you been??? She saw the kids yesterday and her mother left town a week or two ago to go back home. Keep up!

2377 days ago
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