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'American Idol's' Kelly


2/25/2008 2:22 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"American Idol" may have made her a huge star -- but Kelly Clarkson barely seems to realize it's still on TV!

Miss Independent was at the Burbank airport Saturday night, where paps asked her about "A.I." She hasn't seen the new crop of contestants yet, and probably doesn't even know she actually had a chance encounter with one of the contestants back when she was on the show.


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They Promised The Moon, The Stars, And Heaven Above. And just like Charlie Brown I got a rock.

As a songwriter who's parents were songwriters, like them I write because I love it. It's never been about the money. But when the NUMBER ONE SHOW ON TELEVISION says they're looking for some amateur to write the Next Great American Idol Finale Song. Wow! The first thing that crossed my mind was.....MILLIONS! Millions of people. Millions of cd's. Millions of dollars. Millions. I'm betting I'm not the only one.......of Millions.

It's Time For Some Answers!
This is the second year in a row that American Idol has had a songwriting contest. Since the contest ended last year I've researched the contestants from last year and this year....FYI there were over 25,000 entries last year at $10.00 for each song. 20 songs were then chosen out of the 25,000 for an online vote. The winner's song is then performed on the American Idol Finale. The problem I have is that one of THIS years Top 20 Songwriting Finalist is a Co-writer of LAST years Top 20 Songwriting Winner. Somebody from American Idol has some explaining to do.

If you want proof of fraud.

By the way....Why aren't you reporting this?

2261 days ago


Wow, how misleading is that headline?!! You're trying to make an issue out of a non-issue...who cares if she watched American Idol or not?! She's on tour and has been for the last year. Every time American Idol comes on she happens to be on tour … in fact, the one year she wasn't, she DID watch it (she even predicted that Jordan would win). She herself said that American Idol was where she got her start and that she is VERY proud of that. If you people would do your research and get your facts straight, you would know that.

Btw Idol didn't make her a huge star. Her second album "Breakaway" made her a huge star. She became famous around the world (the only idol to do so) NOT because of American Idol (the first season wasn't shown in other countries) but on her own merits. Simon Cowell himself said that if it wasn't for Kelly, Idol wouldn't have survived...Kelly made the show huge; they did NOT make her a huge star. If this is the best you can dig up on her...that's just sad.

You're probably just upset because she is one of only a few stars who stay out of the lens of your camera and won't dignify the Britney question with an answer you want ... and that just eats you alive.

2290 days ago



2342 days ago


Who is this chick, and why do you feel she is newsworthy?

2342 days ago

Nor Cal Reader    

American Idol should have started and stopped with Clarkson. They found their idol. Do we really need this crap every year? How many idols does America really need?

I think I'll go back to reading books.

2342 days ago


I love Kelly!! she's the best

2342 days ago


i love Kelly!!! she's the best

2342 days ago


she's cute

2342 days ago


She didn't refuse to listen... get your facts right before you say crap about her.

Cute video.

Why must they ask everyone about Britney?!

2342 days ago


She is a good down to earth local girl. Glad she has stayed that way.

2342 days ago


Super cute girl. Great new album.

2342 days ago

tony thomas    

I did like her .But now she makes too much money and doesnt care about people that made her famous

2342 days ago


Why should she care about the current crop of screechers on AI? She has her own life to live.

2342 days ago


Get over it people!! AI did NOT make Kelly, it just introduced her to the world. KC made herself a mega star with her HUGE talent!

2342 days ago


The media needs to get over their hating of Kelly. American Idol did not make her, it just introduced her to the world. Kelly Clarkson made herself a megastar due to HER amazing talent!

2342 days ago
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