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Paris -- Single White Heirmess Seeks New BFF

2/26/2008 7:49 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nicole? Forget it. Britney? So 2007. Sister Nicky? Yeah, whatevs. Paris Hilton is on the hunt for a new best friend, and where better to do that then on national television?

So says, which reports that Hiltie is coming back to reality TV, and that the show, according to a source, is "going to be about her searching for a new best friend ... Paris is tired of the haters and she's looking for someone new. She's looking for someone new and cool who she can trust." They said it, not us.

The project is expected to be picked up by either MTV or VH1.

Jamie Lynn – She's Gradjumerated High School, Ya'll!

Some good news for the Spears family, at long last: Jamie Lynn passed the GED, and now she's already thinking about college.

People reports that she passed the equivalency test about a month ago, "scoring particularly well on her reading comprehension," and may be moving onto the ACT. "She's already got her diploma," says a friend, to People. "When she gets something in her head, she'll make it happen." Like a baby, perhaps?

Just a month ago, J.L. was seen walking around with a GED near her home in Louisiana.

Party Favors: "Girls Gone Wild" Now in Mag Form ... Seinfeld Says He Was Just Being Funny About Lawsuit ... Indy to Preem at Cannes

Joe Francis might still be languishing in a Nevada jail cell on tax evasion charges, but he's still working on "Girls Gone Wild," which the New York Post says will launch a "Girls Gone Wild" magazine April 15 – ironically, tax day. ... Jerry Seinfeld and wife Jessica are trying to get that plagiarism suit tossed out, and in court papers, say that he made "overstatements of opinion for comic effect" when he called the woman suing them crazy. ... The latest Indiana Jones – "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" – will be premiering in Cannes, reports FOX News.


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That's all we need....PH on our television again......why can't she get a REAL job?? I can understand her looking for order to have good friends, you have to BE a good friend & it looks like she has NEVER been a true friend to ANYONE. Good luck in finding a "friend", just won't happen.
Good for JL getting her GED. Now some parenting classes are in order. Most 'counrty' girls know how to be GOOD MAMA's. The Spears females seem lacking in that maternal instinct. Maybe they need to find some common sense.

2374 days ago


Jamie Lynn was seen walking around with a GED? What? Like waving it around at people?

2374 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

We're having a 2 for one blow out on skanks. We got tall skanks. Young skanks. Snapping skanks! Maybe when Joey Francis gets out he can make a Spears Gone Wild video!

2374 days ago

todd lissner anti adult anti wholesomeness activist-----(    

im a nice boy paris i take donations!!!!id even put u on my top 8!!lol

2374 days ago

Lenn K.    

Who would want to be Paris's best friend knowing she is a huge backstabber? Can't wait to see the gal when she turns 30.

2374 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Hey Parisite, please take Jamie Lynn out to show her the ropes to make sure that she is every bit the dunce/loser like her sister and you are. Then go jump of a cliff! The disease vectors in HELLywood would drop dramatically!

2374 days ago

river rat    

A reality show based on finding a new BFF for Queen Skank? C'mon, this is a joke, right? Please tell me it's a joke! I didn't think hollywood could sink any lower, but apparently I was wrong.

2374 days ago


Paris, you can't just hunt around for a new best friend. It's not an intelligent move at all. And "gradjumerated". LOL.

2374 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

But nearly a year ago, a family insider told Life & Style that Jamie Lynn's mom, Lynne Spears, had become scared that her youngest daughter was following in big sis Britney's shaky footsteps. "Lynne knows Jamie Lynn's starting to smoke, and she has caught her drinking," the insider said at the time.
Skanktastic is the only word to describe the Spears-Federline family. According to US Weekly, Jamie Lynn Spears has been spotted smoking around her pregnant sister. No word on if she blew a little smoke in her face to ease Brit’s cold turkey pains. In the meantime, little trailer trash will have a fabulous Kabbalah blessing nine days after his/her birth during a ceremony fellow K-dawg follower Madonna is said to be helping the pop star plan. Spears credits the religion with turning her life around … and we’re so happy you found the red bracelet Britney. You were quite the dullard before!

2374 days ago

its sad    

Once again, TMZ, you are rude...just say congrats to the kid. geez. Its easy...observe...JamieLynn: congratulations on your new accomplishment.

2374 days ago

TMZ Knows Jack    

Congrats on getting your Good Enough Degree.

2374 days ago


How many failures does Paris have before she realizes that people aren't interested in her anymore? I can't imagine who would be bored/dumb enough to watch this loser look for a new best friend.

2374 days ago

Lenn K.    

I give Jamie Lynn credit for a couple of things, first she did go and get her GED. Second, she's flying below the radar and staying out of sight.

2374 days ago


Are you effing kidding me? Pris has a new realtiy show coming out looking for a best friend? Holy jesus, that is retarded. I will never let my eyes stray to that crap, and rot my brain. What a lame ass.

2374 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Sorry Lenn, but she was partying her ass off when Mommie was away! She just got caught crossing state lines to buy alcohol! i wouldn't call that straight and narrow. Why do you think Mommie Spearest ran back so quickly?

2374 days ago
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