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Snoop Dogg to TMZ:

I'm Not Your Bitch, Bitch!

2/26/2008 3:04 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Snoop Dogg's gonna stop using the word bitch? What's the hizzle?!?

D-oh-double-G was at the Hip-Hop Summit Action Awards in New York last night, when TMZ asked the Doggfather if he was going to give up using the word. If he does, the world won't ever be the same.


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We love you Snoop Dogg! Keep the peace. A shout out from a fellow Long Beach Poly grad! The Beach, the beach, the beach, the Long Beach! GO Jackrabbits!

2368 days ago


Oh yeah, he's a real role model. If he didn't have music money he'd be washing cars.

2368 days ago

Dr. Adams    

Too by What a bunch of should take pride in your job...."washing cars is nothing to be ashamed of"....How long have you been washing them...may I ask???

2368 days ago

Just Wondering    

To Poster 15 Obama in 08:

So this is what is all about ? race , you want him to win just because he's african american. I'll tell you this : I'm not voting for Obama he's not the right choice and he won't keep this country safe!

My vote is for Hillary Clinton

2368 days ago


You can tell he is sooooooo imbred!!!!

2368 days ago


# 15, Glad you responed with such a educated term of expression. But you are wrong Obama is not the subject it is snoop. But a smart intellectal person like you are on the wrong page go to and express you're dumb a@@ opinions you sound as if your a republican anyway. I will be voting for Obama!!!

2368 days ago

Dr. Adams    

It's your right to vote for whom ever you choose...who said anything about race????......and actually...who posted anything about the election???....I think you need to to switch to another blog concerning politics...sweetie.

2368 days ago

Democrats are evil    

If Snoop calls himself a Dog, and a Dog is considered a Bitch,
Then Snoop is a Bitch of a dog, calling others a Bitch when he himself is the bitch he refers others to be.
Wheww, Why doesn't he do some bad drugs and save us the pain of having to listen to this bitch of a dog whine and bitch the way that he does.

2368 days ago

big balls    

hillary needs your vote

2368 days ago

Dr. Adams    

Too Tired of it all
Brad Renfro has done all the bad drugs.....snoop will have to wait awhile.

2368 days ago


its a shame all those little girls let him exploit them on ...girls gone wild.....

thats a he could make a ton of money

2368 days ago

He's Boring now    

Obama becoming President, or any Black person for that matter will put an end to the Excuses. Thats the reason for people of all colors to vote for him---because it will stop the whining of all those saying " I cant get ahead"...excuse me, a black man is president---explain that please. Cant wait for the day to come, America will change forever, for the good because it will bring colored people into the mainstream and elminate the whining. All of us will have a fair chance. Now get with it. Obama or any black man for president in 08

2368 days ago

Oh, Hell to the NO!    

Isn't America the land of the free and the home of the brave? Isn't that what this country is all about? Free expression? That's what makes this country so wonderful is diversity. So why the hate for this brotha? If it's your choice not to listen to his music then don't. Barack Obama is just one facet of the black community. Snoop is another. And the haters have a right to express their opionions also, although ignorant a$$es that they are, get a life. Snoop has one and a lot of money to go with it. The American Dream folks! By the way, we're not voting Obama because he's black, but because he's qualified. Hillary and John can't tie his shoe string.

2367 days ago

Tee Hee    

# 19 & 27~Newsflash: Black americans have stopped playing the blame game long time ago. Thanks to parents who encourage their children that they can do anything they set their minds to. You people need to come out of the dark ages and get with the new millineum's mode of thinking. The KKK has endorsed Barak because they don't want a bleeding, neurotic, female in the white house. I am female and I know I don't.

2367 days ago
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