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The Red Zone is NOT for Unloading Brit

2/26/2008 10:34 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

When Britney gets in your pants, call in the cops.

Britney went shopping at the Levi's store in Bev Hills this afternoon. It got so wild cops came, much to the dismay of the popwreck who got ticketed for parking in the red zone.

See the photosAnd get a load of the bodyguard, who yanks Brit past a phalanx of photogs and fans.


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richard pierce    

Constitutional Law Attorney FED ID#2246778907-F7312 - you Sir, are a moron! If you are a bar certified attorney, I'll kiss your ass in front of IVY - get a life.

2430 days ago

Jusst saying    

She's getting better, my arse!! She's making her useless lilttle trips just to keep her ugly mug in the news. The only difference is that now she's not driving herself. She doesn't need a bodyguard.... she needs a keeper.

2430 days ago


Britney's life has been a circus since her split from K Fed. Her life is a fish b owl, and I think she thrives on the attention. She doesn't want her children, and is setting a very bad example for teenage girls every where. She needs to be hospitalized, and her meds given to her daily. Maybe then, she might be able to make a decent life for herself. Get help Britney!

2430 days ago

Jusst saying    

Yes, she needs a keeper, and maybe a straight jacket, too.

2430 days ago


someone just tazer this hog already.

2430 days ago


Once again, Britney has the right to go anywhere, anytime she wants, like you and me She should not have to go through this every time she steps out. This is so wrong!!! Something has to be done with these idiots. It does not look like she's enjoying this at all.

And I don't believe she texts the paps - no way.

2430 days ago

my, my, my    

This is absolutely ridiculous. If the conservatorship is pulled, she will, without delay ,go back to her old ways. If the police can get some of the text messages that she sends to the paps announcing where she is going, they should charge her with something that is on the books. How in the world can camera people be allowed to enter a business and chase around a customer? There should be someone at their door that closes it once a person is inside. And there is always that same annoying voice you hear from the drove of paps, "Hay Britney," and other senseless dribble. Yes, we posters do enjoy the news, but we also know how intrusive the paps and their agencies are in an effort to over report. This kind of craziness is going to cause the commish to once again decide if an extension of Britney's visitation rights would not be in the best interest of her children because of her inability to cease being a media whore.

2430 days ago


Once again, Britney has the right to go anywhere, anytime she wants, like you and me She should not have to go through this every time she steps out.

Once again, the paps have the same right s as she. Britney is not royalty. If she doesn't like the paps then she needs to protect herself. It only takes one crazy person and she's a goner the way she's operating right now. It is clearly child abuse to take her kids out into this mess and a good parent wouldn't have done it. Oh, and for you others, Britney is not a teen anymore. She is a grown woman with 2 kids and 2 failed marriages. About time she faces the facts and releases her idiotic blabbering fans from her spell.

2430 days ago


The difference betwen poor and rich people

2430 days ago


Why does this nitwit just stand there and not follow the bodyguard to the vehicle? You would think she had never seen paps before. This gets me wondering why you always have seen people holding her hand and seeming to be leading her around like a two-year old. This latest episode here just reinforces to me that she is just totally clueless and helpless.

i'm sure the bodyguard(s) that are assigned to her now have to endure a lot of crap from her -- perhaps some of it is because she is mentally ill, but I think most of her problems are because she is just stupid and spoiled.

2430 days ago


Ew comment 105."The Police Chief should never call a mentally ill person an "airhead" Period !!! Such a statement makes him look like a Fool and an Idiot. Hopefully, the Goon will never have a mentally ill person in his family." Posted at 1:36AM on Feb 27th 2008 by J.K.

J.K., actually the Chief's calling Spears an airhead is totally fitting because she is one.And I believe he also recognizes an addict when he sees one. With the exception of her eating disorder [binging on laxatives], Spears is not mentally ill in the medical context.

I"d say the Chief knows his stuff.

2430 days ago

Jusst saying    

What's wrong with calling her an airhead??? (It certainly fits her!) I personally think he was being quite diplomatic.

2430 days ago


after watching her for a little while now....i'm not so sure that she is a papp hound......

i kind of think she is lonely..............and and empty....................and no close friends to talk with.....

and she really does not get to see anyone her pretend trips to the stores ....are just an excuse to fill her

emptiness even if its......with the papparazi......

but she is looking a little better.......her dad being around is really helping her......

2430 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

HOW AWESOME!!! Finally she gets a taste of her own medicine! I hope they nail her and all the paps who think that they are above the law! Nail them all! And keep a big eye out for if she is ever allowed to drive again, because she will break every traffic law known to man and so will the paps. NAIL THEM ALL!!!!

2430 days ago

just me    

I think the best way for Britney to get rid of that paparazzi crowd is to reduce or eliminate the value of the photos they are selling. I think Britney can greatly reduce the size of that paparazzi crowd by beating them at their own game and hit them where it hurts. In the pocket! Britney needs to hire a personal private photographer to travel with her when she goes out, maybe even two photographers, one with a still-image camera and one with a video camera. She should have a Flickr account to upload and share still-images and a YouTube account to upload and share videos and she should have a high-speed wireless 'internet anywhere' account, maybe something like the wireless high-speed PC Card with antenna Cingular and Nextel has which is not limited to Wi-Fi hot spots, and she travel with a laptop so the photos and video can be uploaded to the internet immediately. Then she should give everyone free access to them, gossip publications included. That would take the 'chase' out of the 'hunt' for photos and take a big chunk out of the value of the paparazzi photos and cut deep into their profit from the hunt. I think the best way for Britney to get rid of the paparazzi is to strip them of their profit and beat them at their own game.

2430 days ago
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