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LAPD Now Confirms Britney Investigation

2/27/2008 7:49 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsThe LAPD is finally commenting on the investigation first reported by TMZ earlier this month.

As we said, Sam Lutfi is under investigation by the Robbery Homicide division of LAPD for allegedly drugging Brit. LAPD officials first said there was no such investigation. Now, Captain Kyle Jackson of Robbery Homicide has issued the following statement:

"The issues regarding Britney Spears are being considered by the department to determine if laws have been violated. Particular suspects have not yet been fully identified nor has a formal investigation into open charges officially commenced. At this time we don't know whether or not a formal investigation will be initiated."

Translation -- They're lookin' at Sam.


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Winky Vitalic    

May Sam Lutfi burn in hell for everything he did to Britney.

Britney, you do have fans who love & support you!

2427 days ago


Hope they go after Hefty Pefty Alamand Lefty (Lutfi). He's Evil.

2427 days ago


And the drama continues, YEAH!

2427 days ago


How do you go from that statement to> "Translation -- They're lookin' at Sam." ?
It could also be about other 'suspects' that were in her house.. This is the ROBBERY Homicide division! Didn't Mr. Spears accuse people of stealing things? Maybe this is about that and has nothing to do with medications being given to Britney.

2427 days ago


Bad picture again. :(

2427 days ago

luv my TMZ    

That police statement says a whole lot to say NOTHING. Gotta get some kind of Brit news out, doncha TMZ?

2427 days ago

Angry Democrat 'Sky Blu' from LMFAO attack GOP Romney on Purpose .    

The investigation, of sam lufti, should also include endangering britney and lying to authorities . Also investigate Kaplan -- k fed attorney who wants britney to pay his fees (that should be illegal?) , m sands (k fed & sam promo. chief) for defaming britney , and adnan who is apparently asking 1-2 Mil. for his videos on britney (no buyers so far). !!

2427 days ago


translation the conservators are pushing to have an investigation....dum-dum...............
The Doctor was at the house to convince her to go to the hospital and Brit thought the Dr. was there for one of their sessions......translation it's completely possible that Brit was on Bi-polar meds at that time.....or is Dr. not really sure if it's bi-polar? Police are saying don't know if there's going to be a formal investigation...........translates to me that the Clampit's and friends are trying to push because a decloration was made my Ma that this happened and she states that her friend was there to hear it.......she'd better hope that it can be proved or she looks like a liar AGAIN, this is the woman was running around with the Kdeadbeat crowd trying to get her daughter into rehab for drugs..........which we now know wasn't true........any wonder why this girl has had a breakdown......... hope they get their collective butts found out before this poor girl gets' shafted anymore by them.

2427 days ago


"...nor has a formal investigation into open charges officially commenced. At this time we don't know whether or not a formal investigation will be initiated."

Says a formal investigation hasn't commenced. Says they don't know if a formal investigation will even be initiated.

Where, in any of that, do ya'll get "LAPD Now CONFIRMS Britney Investigation?" Hey, I want Sam nailed as much as the next person, but this is a little lame here.

2427 days ago


oh plzz! that man didnt do anything ! now everyone loves britt?? feels sorry for her????

why cant this girl be responsible for her own actions for once??? its always everyone elses fault ! im done with this story but i wish her luck cause shes gonna need it.

2427 days ago


What about who is drugging her NOW???

2427 days ago


RD, the knew name seems to be working for you. I think it's creepy though. jmo.

2427 days ago


I have a good idea. Why don't we leave Britney alone? How about declaring "a week without Britney news" from TMZ and the rest of the news gatherers?

2427 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

If he's guilty, I hope they nail him to the wall. If he's innocent, I hope he's cleared. Either way, he'd better get out of Dodge and keep his head down until the dust clears or he'll be kissing his ass goodbye.

Go Sox

(Sorry, I had to see how many mixed metaphors I could get in that short post.)

2427 days ago



2427 days ago
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