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Ellen Torn Up Over Gay Murder

2/28/2008 9:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ellen DeGeneres broke from comedy for a few minutes on the show she taped today and got deadly serious.

Ellen looked into camera and talked about the murder of Lawrence King, a 15-year-old student in Oxnard, Ca. King, who was gay, was allegedly shot to death by a fellow male student whom he asked to be his Valentine.

Ellen was on the verge of tears and as close to political as she gets. The show airs tomorrow, check local listings.


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This reply is for #498 and others. I am going to think that you meant well with your comment, however it is NOT a genic diesease. Only certain straight people like yourself think that way! I love you comment #506.

2402 days ago


BRAVO ELLEN! I'm so glad she took the time to address this issue and bring it to the American population's attention. Acts of hatred like this happen every day - I see and hear it at school all the time. It's time for us to take a stand against ALL hatred and bigotry.

2394 days ago


I appreciate your comment, you speak my mind
Why a gay person should be careful who he/she is expressing their feeling for and a straight person can express their feeling to whoever he/she wants?
It's terrible to know that some people think it is more acceptable to kill a gay person than a man asking another man out

Another boy was killed! If people keep just thinking about themselves but not for others, if they keep believing that hate or apply violence on people who are different from them is nothing wrong. All you will see are more victims and broken hearts

BRAVO to Ellen, she shows the message loud and clear, hatred for people because they are gay is absolutely not okay
For people who think Ellen did not cried enough for Larry as she cried so hard last time for her poor dog
The last time she cried so hard for her dog, all she got are nasty comments talking about gaining compassion, unreal and so on
this time she hold her tears back so hard and people just say she cried for the dog more than she cried Larry
What do you want?
Cry is wrong and no cry is wrong too?

For people who think Ellen is hypocritical and she should not show her feeling,
please remenber Ellen is a human being too, she has feeling and that's nothing wrong to show her sadness towards that innocent child, everyone with compassion would bad or cry for such a sweet boy killed, does it make any different when the person is Ellen? I love Ellen even more for the humanity and love she has, I am sure a lot of people share the same feeling with me.

2378 days ago

richard pierce    

Well, this is really sad, that kid deserved better. Let's be kind people - this isn't some moron like Britney

2427 days ago

Nor Cal Reader    

Ellen cries again. Getting old.

2427 days ago


Ellen is hot

2427 days ago


Lots of black kids shoot each other EVERY DAY. Where are her tears for that? Hypocrite!

2427 days ago


People who are gay need to realize that many people who are not gay are repulsed and enraged, not flattered, at the thought of being the object of someone's gay desires.

2427 days ago

Tyra Banks    

I love you Rough Daddy.

2427 days ago

Tyra Banks    

I love you Rough Daddy.

2427 days ago


that is so sad.
its sorry as hell that some a-hole homophobe had to go off the deep end on this poor kid
if it were just some random fat/ugly/uncool girl would he have killed her???
i dont think so
Sexual orientation is predetermined in the womb, its not a choice and people really shouldnt feel such hatred for homosexuals. Its not right to hate people for their color or gender, why is it so accepted to hate gays?
It makes me sick

& just so you know, I am a married mother of two young boys ............ being open minded isn't very hard to do people

2427 days ago

just saying...    

your comments are living proof of what this is all about!
the hate on this board is a clear representation of the hatred that is in this country.
everyone acts like we are all so evolved in our thinking.... you all have proved my point.
we have a long way to go baby! a very very long way!

2427 days ago

Nor Cal Reader    

Okay, just to clarify... Yes, the murder of any child is tragic. No matter what the reason. This is a terrible thing for his family and friends to go through. Ellen on the other hand... I don't need TV people to try to explain to me why I should feel bad. I have morals. I have compassion. But when Ellen or Oprah or any of those day-time talk show people show emotion... it's for the ratings and publicity.

She showed more emotion over the dog incident than she did the death of a child.

2427 days ago


Thank you TMZ for posting this video. But, it's disappointing to see the idiots making such hateful comments in regards to this kind of topic.

How sad is it that in this world, in this day and age, getting murdered is something gays have the possibility of facing if they choose to be open. Hell, the kid was just asking the guy to be his Valentine. All the guy could've said was "No thanks" and left it at that. How screwed up of a child do you need to be to go out and kill someone for doing something so sweet and so harmless?

Myself, I'm barely a year out of high school and I was only open to a handful of people. All gays should be careful in regards to their sexuality, because things like this are obviously capable of happening.

2427 days ago


Death for the homophobic shooter!

2427 days ago
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