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Must Be Nice to Have This Job

3/5/2008 3:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Hot new couple alert! Just kidding. It's just Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston out doing a little "work" in Miami today.

And by work, we mean reading scripts on the beach for a movie they'll get paid millions of dollars to star in. Sorry for the reminder that your life sucks.


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#27 Hillblazer - Thank you! I couldn't have said it better...............Ditto!

2233 days ago


Jennifer Aniston looks like she is the most boring lay ever, probably doesn't even sweat.

2233 days ago

KRISPY is Right!!    

Suicide Boy and Lonely Girl - yeah, so jealous ... BTW - They both look SO happy to be there, especially Owen. Can't he even FAKE a smile anymore?

2233 days ago


Aniston and Wilson walking along a beach; then this picture gets slammed by your audiance with a multitude of histrionics. Then some bitch says that Jolie gave Pitt what Aniston wouldn't??? A daughter named "Shallow", and purposely did fertility thereapy for twins to keep Pitts... Ya-Angie hates her baby; won't change with two more ... disgusting lesbian from the church of "Our sisters in the closet".

2233 days ago


Think Brad left Jen because she wouldn't give him butt sex?

2233 days ago



2233 days ago


Brad's penis is too small to impregnate Jennifer; and Angie had to have medical help to get preggers again. LOL...truth be known!!!

2233 days ago


You are so right Hillblazer. TMZ is written by little boys and girls who still think there is a Easter bunny and when you top that off with their mentality for news it does more than explain why so many talentless people continue to work in Hollywood. As evidenced by box office numbers, it's not the public supporting these rip offs, it's the garbage writers like tmz who won't give props to anyone else so they can get the limelight because they would act like they had some sense. tmz, you too can be fly by night.

2233 days ago


Maybe life in TMZ's world SUCKS but life in Miami is grand. Not so much paps and idiots following you around as in LA so sorry TMZ if YOUR life is crap, don't put everyone else in the same boat; and these two are reading a script for a movie and you guys twist into they are dating...whatever yo. I can not believe you guys said that everyone elses lif is crap b/c these two are on the beach! Hello???!!! There are people who live down here and get to enjoy the hot weather all year and go to the beach all year but you say our life is crap so what you are really saying is that if you are not a celebrity than your life sucks...nice you guys should open a suicide hotline, you would make bank b/c everyone would kill themselves listening to you guys. not cool.

2233 days ago


Actually, compared to these two....our lives don't suck that bad.

Obviously, the money can't buy the happiness, can it?


2233 days ago


How many feet of snow has Miami received this year?
That's what I thought, Miami sucks!

2233 days ago


That would be a good couple

2233 days ago


TMZ how dare you insult your readers/viewers??? Our lives suck? I think not! We are not the ones being hounded by paps, chased throught the streets and have the paps spread nasty rumors about us. We are regular people with good jobs, money, and security. Just because you spot two celebs walking on the beach in Miami you tell us WE have lives that suck. That was rude and just goes to show that you guys do not care about anyone (well that is evident from how you hound celebs) but yourselves. I am willing to put money that each and every one of you have some dirt in your closet and would not want it to be known...I'm sure there are a few sluts on your staff, I watch the show! And the guys? Worse than any celeb they have taken pic's of and you guys shouldn't talk b/c your staff isn't too cute at all, yet you blast every celeb that is having a bad hair day or whatever. LOOK AT YOUR STAFF TMZ THEY ARE NOT DROP DEAD GORGEOUS, INNOCENT LITTLE ANGELS. So I challenge EVERYONE to find the dirt on the TMZ peeps...exploit them!

2233 days ago


I intend to see all Jen's movies. She's classy, down to earth and likes to stay private. This movie looks like
it is going to be really good. I can't say the same for the tabloid kings and queens, Britney, Paris, Brad
and Angelina. Angelina's next movie is going to be with a man that looks young enough to be her son.
How many of you really think it is wonderful to have that many kids under school age? No wonder they
look so bad.. and they have a cook, lots of nannies, housekeeper and still aren't looking so great. I am
glad Owen is doing okay and he is a good actor.

2233 days ago


I am shocked by the lack of a sense of humor by your readers. People, it's called humor, look it up. Unbelievable!

2233 days ago
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