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Hilton: Hybrid Hypocrite?

3/6/2008 1:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton has officially gone green -- she got herself an enormous mega-SUV -- but she's keepin' her infamous Bentley, too. Baby steps.

TMZ shot Paris and Benji rolling off the lot with a new GMC Yukon Hybrid yesterday, which gets a whopping 20 miles to the gallon. When we asked if she'd still be driving around in her other, less-energy efficient ride, she ignored the photog altogether. Adding insult to injury -- Benji showed up in an Escaldade!

Al Gore, you got company.


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I don't care what Paris does, drives, eats, says or thinks. Really.

2430 days ago


Paris Hilton is a useless piece of humanity and a waste of life. With all that money she could have done so much good.

2430 days ago

800 Pound Gorilla    

Paris haters eat weasels for breakfast.
Princess Paris is sweet and cuddly and talented and beautiful.

800 Pound Gorilla

2430 days ago

Good Charlotte freak    

I care what Paris does as long as she stays away from Benji. What the hell is going on? Doesn't he realize he is the laughing stock right now. Run from her Benji, and run fast. She is a useless Herpes infected whore. (and she looks stupid wearing DCMA clothing!!!!)

2430 days ago


Did you hear about the two journalists doing that docu-expose on Hilton and how incredibly phony she really is? It’s supposed to be tougher and sharper than “60 Minutes” on steroids (ouch!), and will toss whatever’s left of Hilton’s shallow and meaningless celebritude in the dumpster where it belongs. (If I were Hilton, I’d have more people sign confidentiality agreements……better yet, I’d probably move to China.) It just proves that truth really is often stranger – and better -- than fiction. Sells better too.

2430 days ago


She's another SKANK looking for more leftovers from someone else!!!

2430 days ago

change the kitty litter    

What is up with the "Apallonia" hair? She is such a retard...nice voice. What are you? 27? Trying to talk like a little girl? give it up herpes, I am ill of you!

2430 days ago

change the kitty litter    

I think it is "Appalonia"


2430 days ago


Where can i buy that GMC Yukon Hybrid car? Is it available in the jungle?
I pay in bananas.

801 Pound Gorilla

2430 days ago


what a freakin pig! she's only piggin around w/benji cause she's a slut. she wants what nicole has. she wants to see what madden sex is like.....

2430 days ago


Other than the idiot 800 pd gorilla,I'd say everyone else has said it for me,paris hilton sucks and so does the rest of her family!!!!!!!!!!

2430 days ago


I Like this post so I am doing a copy paste:

"Does anyone really care what this fake untalented celebrity wannabe drives? She has no talent, her venture into the music business ended with her cd not selling. Her few movie roles have been laughable because she is such a bad actress. The movie that she recently supposedly bankrolled and starred in flopped. Only a few people went to see it and it was deemed not good enough evan to put out on DVD. She sold her face and name to a stupid thing called champaigne in a can that is not selling. Her perfume and clothing line did not sell either. The only thing that seems to be selling is her home made porno dvd that she gets no revenue for. Quit putting this skanks photo on this site and quit writing about her. She is nothing! Absolutely nothing! Her alledged heiress status has also been taken care of by her grandfather, after he sold all of the Hilton Hotels and is giving all of the money away to the needy, leaving his children and grandchildren with nothing.
This trailer trash tramp needs to go away. Everything she does is a circus and is fake. Like going around with the guru that turned out to be nothing but an actor making Parasite look more foolish. Everyone thinks and knows you are a joke Paris, Go Away."

Geez, TMZ, you are really hard up for material!

2430 days ago

Big Bear    

Gorilla and his sister have 7 children together. The 7 have a combined IQ of 114. Great job with your sister Gorilla!!! We all had such high hopes that she would outrun you. How is your mom's veneral disease doing these days?? Give paris a big ole hug for all of us, ha ha.

2430 days ago

:what ev errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr    

Paris, please do not breed. One of you is enough for the world.

2430 days ago
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