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Even the People in Hillary's Ads Don't Like Her

3/8/2008 7:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Hillary Clinton's "red phone" commercial helped propel her to big win in Ohio this week -- but one of the stars of the commercial is actually a huge Barack Obama supporter.

The first child featured in the ad -- which asks people who they want to answer the phone in the White House at 3:00 AM -- is actually Casey Knowles, an Obama volunteer in the state of Washington. The footage was shot eight years ago when she worked as a TV extra. Getty Images owns the footage and can do with it as it pleases.

Knowles, who turns 18 in April, told KING 5 in Seattle that she is for Barack all the way: "It's really sort of ironic that my image would be used to advocate for Hillary when I myself do not."


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Thanks for the interesting news

2364 days ago


eww hillary i dont like her.
im voting for john!!!

2389 days ago


That is LAME! Is this all you have Harv?

2389 days ago


Who cares? Its not like the girl is talking in this video.. this is not news to report TMZ..very dissapointing.

2389 days ago


I smell a Obama / Clinton ticket.

2389 days ago

Thersites D. Scott    

If folks are looking for the meat in the story, it's this: Casey Knowles is a really cool, smart, committed young person -- exactly the kind of person we want to entrust the Democratic Party's future to -- and she backs Obama. So Clinton has the image from years ago, while Obama has the real live person. That's the meat.

I blogged about this more: VichyDems.

But TMZ is right in seeing this as actually meaning something.

2389 days ago


The Borg Queen is a nasty, racist, ruthless bitch and the last thing we need is for her to get anywhere near the White House.

Go, Obama, Go!

2389 days ago


Screw her! Vote for Obama he will do a lot for America, that old bitch will further support outsourcing. She likes Indians a lot. 63,000 Americans lost their jobs because of outsourcing last year.

2389 days ago


Obama sucks... HILLARY 08

2389 days ago


Obama Girl, who did that silly music video, didn't even vote for Obama. She was just a paid actress. Obama is a big fad who will soon fade away. All those silly chanting youtube videos will be mocked. And the people who 'starred' in them will be seen as the idiots they are. How embarrassing for all those stars to act like such mindless followers. O-bam-A! O-bam-A! My God, it is stupid.

2389 days ago

He's Boring now    

This story was on Drudge Report. TMZ staffers are either lazy or trollers. Get out of your office and get the stories, theres nothing happening where you sit

2389 days ago


12 is a moron! He wouldn't know a good candidate because of all his death pools he is into. Clinton is better then the other 2.

2389 days ago


If she's a Barack Hussein Obama supporter then that would make sense. Let me get this straight... she'll take salary from the Clinton campaign, but is pro- Obama. Yeah, PERFECT. She'a two-faced and talks out of both sides of her ass JUST LIKE OBAMA !!!!!!

2389 days ago

Georgia Girl    

Who cares what that dumbassed kid thinks?

Go Hillary!

2389 days ago


If Hillary wins the Dem nom. I will vote for her. If Obama wins it, I will vote for McCain. Experience and wisdom is more important than being a class act toastmasters' speaker.

2389 days ago
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