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Heidi's Got the Hills to Pay the Bills

3/8/2008 1:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Although Heidi Montag just graced the cover of a major magazine to say she was "betrayed" by Spencer -- Montag and Mayor McCheese were together at LAX Nightclub in Las Vegas last night stinking up the dance floor.

Heidi once again wooed Spence by lip-syncing a song for him -- but this time, it wasn't her horrendous single. It was "Baby Got Back."


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I hate Heidi... shes so mean to her friends!! Shes just a big fake...... Lauren & Audrina are the best!! x x x x

2378 days ago

Boxy Roxy    

It should be, "she and her Mayor," not "her and her Mayor". At least get the grammar right! You're sounding like a middle school student.

2385 days ago


For someone who's brother just died - she doesn't seem that tore up about it. But of course, they were pitching the "dead brother" stories to the media the whole time. They're both absolutely disgusting human beings and are perfect for one another.

2385 days ago

Boxy Roxy    

Cripes, I mean, she and Mayor, not her and Mayor. Sorry.

2385 days ago



2385 days ago

mona lisannt    

gross... i threw up dinner from last week

2385 days ago

mr kool    

these people make me want to puke,so full of themselves.

2385 days ago


I thought her brother just died this week??? That was a quick recovery!!!!

2385 days ago


I feel bad for her that her brother died and my sympathies go out to her and her entire family. But in that Us Magazine article, she compares herself and Spencer to the Beckhams. Seriously, Heidi? THE BECKHAMS?

p.s. Perfect grammar...

2385 days ago


She doesn't know what she is talking about........she ain't got no back, and she only has a surgically enhanced front! Baby ain't got nothing, naturally. She's a knucklehead, they both are.

2385 days ago


OMG are you kdding me? I didnt read the article but did she actually compare herself to the Beckham's? Please tell me that was a misprint? PLEASE

2385 days ago


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2385 days ago


Damn Heidi Gets Downnnnn!

2385 days ago


There are alot of wanna be's around now. However, that idiot Heide, and, the moronic Spencer, hands down are the most annoying, I have never seen two people trying so hard to be famous, have either of them ever worked (legitamate work), a day in their miserable, attention seeking lives. I mean at least Lauren, is trying to establish something,something as she said,she always wanted to do.However, that talentless bimbo Heidi has decided to be a pop star, let's face it alot of these so called pop stars dont have the greatest voice, but something works, and makes their music tolerable, Heidi CAN NOT SING,SHE HAS NO RHYTHM, and if you're sexy you don't have to try so hard,she trys too hard,in the first place she is only average looking at best, so her trying to be sexy makes her looks that much worse, to the point its annoying, and becomes laughable. Spencer, is just a moron,he should kiss Lauren's ass everyday (5x a day), for having a reality (wink,wink) show. I mean what exactly does he do, he needs to get honest with Heidi and, tell her she has NO TALENT. At least most of the people associated with the Hills, are trying to use what little celebrity they've been given and strecth it. Spencer is too dumb to do that, he's supposed to be Heidi's manager, yet the whole world is laughing at her. Woo, I'm sure all the young aspiring singers are dying to hire him to manage there careers. Let's just hope they go, get married, and, go crawl under a rock, far, far away, and never reproduce.

2385 days ago


for a girl who just lost her brother she sure is in a good mood...what a digusting person...i hope her family lets her know that she is a piece of crap!

2385 days ago
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