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Heather's Shrink Called 911

3/10/2008 3:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Heather Locklear's psychiatrist is the one who called 911, after speaking with her on the phone.

We're told the shrink spoke with Heather on Saturday night and was alarmed because she was "upset" and he believed she might OD on medication prescribed for depression. The call was listed with dispatch as a "suicide attempt."

We're told when paramedics arrived, Heather was OK and it was a false alarm.

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What the hell happened to her face? She used to be so pretty. Plastic surgery ruined her looks!

2418 days ago


I dont beleive this for a second!!! No docotr would discuss any of this with T.M.Z or anyone else. Its a federal law called H.I.P.P.A, that no patient care interactions can be discussed by doctor or anyone else without the patients consent.

2418 days ago


Hey Heather, We love you Heather. Keep your chin up.

2418 days ago

TMZ: Pls install a no britney button    

i shouldnt know about this, YOU shouldnt know about this. three people should know:

1. psychiatrist, 2. police 3. heather

people will be afraid to call 911 anymore when they really need help if its no longer private. there should be a law and huge fines for 1. leaking 2. printing any of this

2418 days ago


I hope none of this is true. And what kind of "shrink" would verify or deny any such report?

2418 days ago


TMZ don't you mean her "former" shrink? I'd fire em, bet she did too.

2418 days ago

Mrs Joe Jackson    

Is all of Hollywod going crazy?

2418 days ago


She's beautiful, Richie didn't deserve her. Terrible what him and that tramp ex BFF did to her.

On a side note: If Anna Nicole Smiths doctor had be so concerned perhaps she'd still be alive.

2418 days ago

Heather Leigh    

Morons, the POLICE told TMZ that her shrink called 911. The shrink didn't leak any info, the police did.

2418 days ago


I agree with 'stop doing this,' it is really awful that people leak these stories and that these stories get printed. It may stop people for reaching out for help when they need it. And all sorts of people suffer from depression - money or no money. I wouldn't criticize someone for it, and Heather seeking publicity over it or selling stories about "her depression." Until this leak it was obviously very private (as it should have been) - which is why everyone is so surprised now.

2418 days ago


I would bet that Denise is behind this!!

2418 days ago


Correction, meant to say Heather is "not seeking publicity over this or selling her story..."

2418 days ago


She is pretty, she is rich, she has a child that loves her. She gets jobs left and right. She is famous.
What is the problem?
PLEASE someone give ME the life these idiots have. (all the depressed medicated celebrities)
Let me show them how nice it can be if YOU ENJOY what you have and GIVE THANKS TO GOD for all the goodies and good things in life.
Go volunteer.
Go help some homeless families.
Go to the south side of LA, go to the Midwest to a good factory town.....
See how real people live to give you an appreciation for what you have.

2418 days ago


Hey I am having a hard time with this story...
I know Heather and this is not her.... and to the person who call her a Bitch because shee rolled her eyes at her daughter,,, Get a grip ... all us parents have a bad day with our kids.... Heather is no different,,,, If you knew her you would know that she is a great parent.... Richie is as well...

2418 days ago


WTH does this drop-dead gorgeous woman have to be depressed about or commit suicide about????

2418 days ago
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