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Carnie Wilson's Big Comeback

3/11/2008 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

She had her gastric bypass surgery broadcast on the Internet in 1999 and appeared on "Celebrity Fit Club" in 2006, but former Wilson Phillips singer Carnie Wilson's battle of the bulge wages on -- as she worked out with a trainer in L.A. on Monday.

Hold on for one more day, girl!


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Sara Baker    

Carnie, I know about the sleep thing my daughter has boy girl twins and sleep is kind of a thing of the past. she has an all natural 24 calorie energy drink, keeps her charged and helps her lose weight she gets it at I tried it and I have already lost 7 pounds

2370 days ago

Dean D. Giroux    

Carie or someone who knows her please give her this information.
You gave me the drive in 2002 to have the GBPRNY and I lost over 140 pounds In 5 years I gainedat least 25 pounds bu discovered the and have lost 15 pound in 3 weeks and I feel great.
Please try this out Carnie, and you will love the results.
This website has my email address...please email me...

2369 days ago


Carnie keep your chin up. I had the same surgery 5 years ago and lost 208 lbs and i have gained 30 lbs back and im very discourged as you our. We can fight this and we will after all went through that pain. I recently had a total hysterectomy and boy is it hard coming back again. But you our beautiful and you keep your chin up.


2367 days ago

Weight Struggler    

I have been over weight all my life and I know how hard it is to go through what Carnie has gone through. I am a size 26 and hate every lb of me. I am working on the steps for Gastric Bypass and can not wait for the surgery. Carmie, Keep your chin up, you can and will do this.

2367 days ago


I too had the surgery and lost an amazing amount of weight (started at 272 went down to 134; however, am now currently at 171). It can be very depressing, old habits are hard to break. I do believe that I now know what put my weight on, and it was "grazing". I would not eat large portions of stuff, I would just eat CONSTANTLY. I see myself falling back into that rut and it scares the crap outta me. Keep your head up. Now that the initial weight is gone, and my body has "settled", I actually have to change my habits and work hard at not only keeping the weight off but going back down to around 140 (I am 5'3"). Trust me when I say, you are not the only one struggling post-op. It has been four years since my surgery. Know there are many people out there who do respect you and can feel your pain. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

2367 days ago

Paul Texan    

Bless your heart Carnie...I too began gaining back weight after my by pass. I am now on a good eating routine and things are going well. Your in myPrayers

2367 days ago


why do peolple have to do this the hard way dont they read the med lit

2367 days ago

Delta Dawn    

I think that you are beautiful no matter what your weight is and I feel so sad that we are still living in a society that judges one's beauty on their dress size.

2367 days ago

Delta Dawn    

I do not understand why we still continue to judge people's character on their dress size. Does being thin make you a better person? I think not and wish that our society would wake up and quit judging people on their outward appearance insstead of their inside value.

2367 days ago


Having been through this surgery myself I understand Carnie's situation perfectly. What most people don't understand is that this surgery is not a "cure all." The major effects of this surgery only last about 18 to 22 months which is long enough to get the brain retrained in a certain manor. If for any reason you do not make the adjustments to maintain the weight loss then you are screwed! That pouch can lose the elasticity and stretch just like the normal stomach. I have found that I have gained back about 50 pounds myself. The difference is I know what I need to do to lose it. I know it will not be easy but it must get done.

2367 days ago


Carnie you are an incredibally beautiful lady! You should be proud of yourself! My prayers are with you girl!

2367 days ago

Gastric looser (me)    

I am what I call a gastric bypass looser too Carnie, I had the surgery 4 years ago lost 80 pounds but just recently gained 25 back. I to am trying to take off what I have lost and more. The weight loss surgery a considered a "tool" to help those loose weight, it is not a "quick fix". Unfortantely for the surgery to be successful for the rest of your life issues with eating need to be addressed and most times (like myself) it is not. Carnie I am on your side and wish you the best, to me you are taken the blunt of all the gastric bypass misconceptions.

2367 days ago


Carnie.... you and I seem to be on the exact same highway. We had the same surgery, same weight, same time. I have struggled with sleep deprevation and a weight gain too for the past two years. I am just getting the motivation up again to get to 145-150. I didnt start eating more, in fact.. I eat very little and still gaines back 30 lbs. I think it is all that our bodies get used to the little we can eat and as soon as we stop any bit of excercize still intaking the little bit that we do... we go up again. We can do it.... Please keep the faith! I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Colleen

2367 days ago



2365 days ago


Carnie Wilson is one of the greatest whiners in the country. She's also a pimp AND a Ho at the same time because she pushed that WLS s**t on everyone, even long after she knew she was gaining tons of weight back and that it was not the end all and be all of weight loss solutions. I mean people cand DIE from this butchery, but she was out there taking money from her surgeons to push, push, push it on everyone who whines that being fat is not their fault and they've tried EVERYTHING. Not. And she's a Ho because she'll say and write anything about how pathetic her life is if somebody will pay her for it. She wrote not one but TWO books about her WLS *journey.* and then one about her weed addiction, and just recently she said she was writing ANOTHER one about her battle w/ booze (which she also blames for gaining weight). Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Can't people just close the door on her fat, phony ass? Stop supporting her narcissism.

2359 days ago
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