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Carnie Wilson's Big Comeback

3/11/2008 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

She had her gastric bypass surgery broadcast on the Internet in 1999 and appeared on "Celebrity Fit Club" in 2006, but former Wilson Phillips singer Carnie Wilson's battle of the bulge wages on -- as she worked out with a trainer in L.A. on Monday.

Hold on for one more day, girl!


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She had a baby..... we all know how hard that weight is to get off. I think she looks great!

2414 days ago


Gastric Bypass is not a fix all, you still have to address the underlying reasons of WHY you are eating to comfort yourself. The cut*in*half stomach can still stretch out if you don't follow post surgery instructions. I have known several coworkers who had it done, and didn't change or address their eating habits. They were eating McDonalds 2 months after the surgery and promptly started putting the weight back on. It should be mandatory before you have the surgery, that you see a therapist and address the root cause of *comfort eating* . Otherwise, it's a waste of money and time..

2414 days ago


Usually I don't mind slamming a celeb now and then, but I won't slam Carnie. She has always seemed to be a really nice woman who just wanted to make others happy. When she was at her heaviest, I was struck by how incredibly beautiful her face was, even with so much weight. Many women gained a little weight and their faces suffer, but Carnie had the most amazing beauty.

She also seemed to try very hard to lose weight, both by dieting and eventually surgery. The problem with the surgery is the pouch can be stretched enough to eventually hold nearly the same amount as before surgery.

I truly wish Carnie the best. She is one of the 'good' ones out there, someone you feel might be your friend, you know? Not like so much of the celebtrash out there who are so self-involved and selfish, you wonder how they can stand to be in the same room with a mirror, because even their own reflection takes away much needed attention.

2414 days ago


We all struggle with our weight, keep at it girl! You can do it!

2414 days ago


No, the bypass isn't permanent- 50% of those who get the surgery come right back for a second operation because they ate through the first one. A husband of a friend of mine was in the hospital recently getting a non-weight loss abdominal surgery. Out of fifty patients prepped for surgery, he was only one of two patients NOT getting this surgery- again. Btw- Carnie Wilson and Roseanne have both already had THREE of these surgeries- and I wouldn't put it past Kirstie Alley or Queen Latifah to have done the same thing. Anyone see Carnie Wilson a few years ago on David Letterman's show after her SECOND surgery? She had dyed her hair blonde and wore a very tight black slip dress- and she was way too fat- but was still talking about her wieght loss! Neither Letterman nor the audience knew what to think of her...

2414 days ago


Look up recent photos of her, and this doesn't look right. I think she's thinner than that photo now.
This one is from 2007 as well.

2413 days ago

Craven Moorehead    

MOOOOOO!!! I want to be her "trainer".. Feed her oreos and pop tarts. ANYONE with decent money should be able to keep her lard off. Sheesus..


2413 days ago


For people who are judging her, you should check yourselves! Read up on gastric bypass! It's NOT a "quick fix"! It's VERY hard!
They operate on your your stomach not your head! People who are making rude comments are SO ignorant! Do your research before you jump to judge! SHE'S HUMAN! YOU try having gastric bypass when everything has failed, and then be in the public eye, everyone watching to see if you'll fail. Then YOU have a baby & try to lose the weight so quickly when you've had a history of weight struggles! Back off her! When you all are perfect THEN you can judge others!

2413 days ago

Bathroom On The Right    

To whoover commented on her apperance on Supernanny: that was filmed back in November so that would explain why she looked thinner than she does now.

2412 days ago


How is it possible? An expert needs to explain because your stomach has been reduced to the size of an egg. The new, smaller tummy cannot physically hold food any larger and a couple of ounces. How on earth did she gain weight!

2412 days ago
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