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Adnan Gets in With the Britney Survival Pack

3/12/2008 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Armed with Red Bull, a pack of smokes and "No Country for Old Men," Adnan Ghalib made it through the gates of Summit last night.

Though all the evidence points towards a visit with Britney, TMZ has learned he's made other friends inside Summit. Keep in mind, he was denied entrance to Summit over the weekend.


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He is the gayest looking guy I've seen in a while?
Y'all sure he is not homosexual?

2384 days ago


All you people that sit here and beleive this nonsense are as dumb as the writers for it. Adnan and Britney have a real strong relationship. It is unfortunately that every outlet wants you to think otherwise. He is good friends with her father and mother and brother. He geniunely cares for her and she feels the same about him. All of you people are going to have a tramatic experience this summer when her dad moves out and he is there even more. What are you going to do when they start going out in public? I suggest noone read these sites. The only site that reports the true and unbiased information about this entire courtship has been

2384 days ago


How cute, some stars adopt 3rd world children. Britney adopts a 3rd world adult.

2384 days ago

Angry Democrat 'Sky Blu' from LMFAO attack GOP Romney on Purpose .    

adnan made more money($$) of britney than he did in his entire career

2384 days ago


Just keep in mind; she chooses to live this one forced her to be so nasty and void of anything considered moral. Just please keep those two boys away from all this. Regardless of the relationship with the absent parent...and all her men.

2384 days ago


Does Adnan think he is famous? Why the sunglasses? It's sunny how he just sits there waiting for the papz to take his pic!

2384 days ago

Punk B*tch    

That is one FUGLY dude !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2384 days ago


**typo** funny not sunny

2384 days ago


32. by a person on the inside) we are here giving our opinion, so far what we've heard and seen on here matches well with what has been on the news...... Brit has lost her funk because of her stupid actions..... She needs to be a mother to her children...When she was hanging out with paris hilton and lilo she was out of control when she should of been home wiht her kids....... She's no romodel at all... what happen to that brit that was a romodel?

If you don't like our opinions to bad its a free country and we could say whatever we want....

2384 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Why is Papa Spears letting this ugly, moncy mooching, nasty thief, loser Adnan in Britney's house? You can tell by his appearance he's up to no good. What's with the chin hair? I've never seen this on any guy before. It's UGLY. Doesn't he have a mirror ? What ghetto is he from?
Have they found Britney's valuables and money that Sam Lutfi stole? Another Idiot is that Jon Erdley. He knows he doesn't have a snowball's chance in Hell to be Britney's lawyer. He's just making an Ass of himself for publicity. What's with him having a PR person? - And none other than that lowlife Sands .
I hope when Britney gets well she sues all the deadbeats who caused her such grief and tried to steal her money like - K-Dud, Kaplan, Lutfi, Adnan, Eardley, Sands, Grossman, etc. etc. What a bunch of gold digging Slime Balls.

2384 days ago


Once again the Arabs win. Tmz Bloggers seem to be the most uneducated socialites on earth. Very racist towards middle eastern people...Is it because we are Exotic? Maybe because we own most of all the Gas stations, Resteraunts, bars, Nightclubs, Hotels, and even Vegas Casinos in the US. Or maybe it is because we are simply smarter than White people. Looks at how many doctors, Lawyers, and CEOs are Middle Eastern in your own country! By the way Some of the biggest people in Hollywood that actually cut the checks for the Biggest Celebritys are from the middle east. Lol. You are all haters, losers, and wannabes, that just hide behind your slow computer screens. Never would one of you racist losers call an Arab that to there face. These are the same losers that are racist towards Black people. Just seems to be that Arabs are more comfortable with Black people that white! Dont hate on our sandmen. Appreciate the service that we do for your white woman that just love them some Sand!!!!

2384 days ago

Angry Democrat 'Sky Blu' from LMFAO attack GOP Romney on Purpose .    

adnan is a rich man due to selling pics of britney to british-us papers . adnan has more money for exploiting britney than kaplan or lufti

2384 days ago


Shave that weird line on your face

2384 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Adnan. give Britney back her mascara. The drawn stripe down your chin makes you look like some kind of wild animal. Or, is it a "gang member" sign? Why is it you want to look as ugly and nasty as possible?
Sand Man, it looks like you are describing your self on #50. You must be mentally retarded.

2384 days ago


It's almost impossible to keep up with this girl! Is she crazy, or is she crazy like a fox!? I think she know exactly what she's doing! Earning $700,000 a month and contributing more than $120,000,000 a year the entertainmen economy, the Britney Economy is alive and well! Read more at

2384 days ago
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