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Billie Jean

Not My Lover,

Just a Trespasser!

3/12/2008 4:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0312_billie_jean_jackson_booking-1A woman named Billie Jean Jackson was arrested for trespassing at Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch. We don't make this stuff up, folks.

anta Barbara County sheriff's deputies were called to the house Monday night after Neverland's security detained Billie Jean, 60, who has long claimed to be Michael's wife.

was arrested and booked at the Santa Barbara County Jail.


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Okay...Okay...something is off. Or rather, something is missing. Cut and Paste, people. What WAS the original 49-comment? Don't bite my head off if is actually what is still posted:
Its a rerun of the Flip Wilson show.

Special guest: GERALDINE !

Oh well....Won't stop me from enjoying the day! peace

2417 days ago

:what ev errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr    

#54..... I can only speak for myself, but please don't get offended by some of these parasites that comment here. Some of these low lifes just post racists comments here just to get people upset. I think you told him/her straight. Good job.

Just a small note: I graduated in 1968,(yep, i know centuries ago) There were only two blacks in my school. My BEST friend was Mary. One of the two. My Dad was a racists pig and still I held my ground. It was tuff back then for blacks and for us few whites that hung out together. Both my parents were born in Greece, and boy they were hard on me about my black friend. But hey, they got over it eventually......................Just thought I throw that in.....

2417 days ago


Where is a picture of the woman that is stalking the real pedophile. the one white people continue to ignore. WOODY ALLEN!!!

2417 days ago


Michael as been around ton of kids for years and years and has donated lots and lots of money to kids charities...before this three kids tried to accuse him of molestation. I can't imagine - Out of ALL THOSE KIDS ONLY 3 of them would have said something - if it really happened....

2417 days ago


Just an FYI...If you notice in Hollywood, the black stars hardly ever resort to facelifts and botox and such. It is not necessary. Say what you will about black women...we age beautifully. My mother is in her 70's but looks like early 50's. I have a sister in her 40's who still gets carded when we go out. We are all over 40 but look like we are in our 20's-30's. This woman is probably nutty as a fruitcake, but she took care of herself. That's all it takes.

2417 days ago


geraldine is a charactor that flip wilson played on his show how is that supposed to be racist?

2417 days ago


61. Where is a picture of the woman that is stalking the real pedophile. the one white people continue to ignore. WOODY ALLEN!!!

Posted at 2:29PM on Mar 13th 2008 by Nat

Quit with your "you white people" crap. I'm a white person and I've always been disgusted with how everyone thinks it's cute that Woody Allen molested a 10 year old girl and then married her when he was legally able. He hooked up with Mia Farrow (ugh, I feel so sorry for her... her daughter was raped and her peers defended the rapist) to boink her kids. He IS a real pedohpile, and no, people don't care. They still go to his movies and laugh at his jokes and you're right; it's disgusting.

I personlly don't believe Jackson molested any kids. My reasoning? His "victim" (victim's mommy. I don't think the child committed fraud, just his mom) got a HUGE payday. A few mil if I recall correctly. Pedophiles don't molest one kid once and then stop for a decade to get "caught" again. Caught supposedly molesting a child with cancer in the presense of the child's mother (the mother was also a fraud, who had a history of seeking paydays). WHY would he do that? If he was a real pedohpile like Woody, he'd go overseas and buy a few kids for a quarter. He wouldn't invite ill, high profile US children with their MOTHERS to his home to molest them and then just hope and pray they don't say anything.

If Jackson really molested your kid, would you settle for a payday or would you want him in prison? What's the price on your kid's body and innocence? If Jackson did molest the first boy, then his mother's a pimp, isn't she? Again... why pay millions of dollars to keep a family silent about their kid being raped when you could pay the cost of a flight to Singapore or Thailand to anonymously do your business instead? MAKES NO SENSE!

Oh, and pedohpiles don't stop. Ever. Ask a pedophile and they'll tell you; it's not a once-a-decade indulgence, it's a sickness that there is no cure for. Is Jacko sick? YES! I'm convinced he's convinced he IS a boy. I think he wants to BE a child, not have sex with one. Something tells me that sex and Jackson don't exist in the same world.

Bottom line: Woody Allen is a predator, and yes, he should be put away for the rest of his miserable life for victimizing so many little girls (what, you think he stopped after his first? Yeah... they don't ever stop).

2417 days ago
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