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Britney Green Lit By TV Cast; Shunned by Alicia

3/12/2008 1:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources connected to the TV show "How I Met Your Mother" tell TMZ the cast members were told Britney wouldn't be on the show unless they said it was ok. They met with her and they liked her -- they really, really liked her!
Brit, Alicia
We're told the entire group of actors approved Brit. She was, as one of them put it, "laid back and collected."

We're told Brit will play the receptionist for Ted, Josh Radner's character. But that wasn't the original plan. Alicia Silverstone was supposed to go on the show and Britney was then asked to play her receptionist, but Alicia didn't want to be upstaged and refused to play ball. Unclear if Alicia has backed out altogether.


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I'm glad Brit Brit is doing a Tv.. appearance; I love her, and I wish her the best. And about Alicia Silverston, nobody even cares about her after she went to the dark side. she's a lost cause.

2424 days ago


Definitely a scheme to try and boost ratings. They've sandwiched the show between that geek show and 2-1/2 men hoping people are too lazy to change channels and thus increase the shows viewers. By the way, their is no actual "acting" in that show. It is just a stream of one-liners, usually old, stale sexual innuendos with no surprises and the cast is a weird collection of has-beens that don't even really fit together very well. Britney should do ok because it is not a demanding role, much like her part in that movie she did. (How come her fans never mention the name of that movie? Crossroads. Crossroads.) Why would Alicia want to associate herself with anything Britney does? Alicia actually looks more like Britney's sister than a mother and has several less chins. If Alicia's doing a guest appearance for her own publicity Britney would just take away from that. Not because Britney is great at anything but because everyone fawns all over her despite the despicable person she has grown to be. I'm guessing most of you didn't catch the sarcasm in the statement about how they are looking forward to working with a new and refreshing actress? Wouldn't surprise me if her skit involved several blacked-out crotch shots.

2423 days ago


Alicia silverstone is a has-been. and whats's the deal with her mouth? to me , the way her mouth is lopsided, it always looked like she had a for britney, at least she's not sitting in the back of an ambulance, because she can't cope. hopefully, this girl will get back on track

2423 days ago


Britney green lit

2403 days ago


Upstaged by poor little Britney ! LMAO !

2425 days ago


Brit can't act

2425 days ago


Good for Brit.

2425 days ago


don't blame Alicia S. Not one bit..

2425 days ago

todd lissner anti adult anti wholesomeness activist-----(    

alicia silverstone waz really cool with movies like clueless in the 90s and brits really cool i think they would have been good together!!

2425 days ago

Thats One Ugly Skanky Hoe    

One hit wonder Silverstone better take all the parts offered to her. She isnt that great of a boxoffice draw and I hear her movie roles and paychecks are few and far between. I hope Britney strips on the show.

2425 days ago


I don't think anyone will miss Alicia's appearance, she's a has been.

2425 days ago

had enough of britney    

how can you say Britney can't act. She has been acting like a singer for years, and by her record sales in the past, fooled alot of people.

I wish her luck.

2425 days ago


Good for Britney....getting those two men out of her life and bringing back the family (as screw up as they are) have been a good thing in her life.

2425 days ago


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2425 days ago

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1st again

2425 days ago
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