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Did David Cook Rip-Off "Eleanor Rigby"?

3/12/2008 3:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David Cook was on fire with his rendition of the Beatles classic "Eleanor Rigby" on "Idol" last night -- but a Seattle band claims he swiped the arrangement from them.

The band DOXOLOGY recorded their version of the track a year and a half ago, putting it up on iTunes and on the band's MySpace page. The band's manager tells TMZ the song is what they're best known for and have played it at nearly 200 shows.

Click to hear!The manager says the band has no intention of suing, but they're trying to get in touch with the show -- they want some props.

"Idol" tells TMZ the contestants pick their song and present their ideas for the arrangement to the show's musical department and work with them on it.

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This is stupid! Yes, they recorded a cover of the song- but the only reason it sounds even remotely the same is because it is the same FREAKIN' song... hello, is anyone there?? If you listen to both versions (and I have about 10 times now) David's version has a faster paced rock edge to it and the Doxology - who in the hell are they anyways?- version is much slower paced and they do not rock it out like David did. They don't even have the rights to the song to complain about anyway! So, what is their point? They are deluded to think he stole anything from them. This is just something for them to try to get 15 minutes of fame out of.... Sorry guys, but David Cook is on American Idol and he earned his right to be there.... stop trying to take that away from him and besides he has probably never even heard of your band before, just like the rest of us haven't you whinny bitches!

2383 days ago


Too bad Doxology's version sucked. All Dave did was make their version sound better. Maybe Doxology should take some notes.

2383 days ago


Has Doxology been paying royalties for using the song?

2383 days ago


People, this is not even close to what David sang. I'm trying to find similarities but they are few. I guess David must really be a threat to win the whole thing!!! Doxology's version put me to sleep. David's version was alive and exciting.

2383 days ago


I had never heard of Doxology until the American Idol incident. But hey I agree the Beatles did it first, its up for grabs. I like the way David performs, but then I hate pop music, I am from the rock n roll generation and much perfer his style than any of the others. On the contestants forgetting lyrics that is worse than singing bad, that to me is a ticket to exit. Rock on David Cook.

2383 days ago


What a stupid accusation. This isn't a musical arrangement competition- it's a singing competition. Why are these the first people to complain about someone else ripping off their arrangement when it's been done on Idol a million times. David Archaleta ripped off Eva Cassidy's version of "Imagine" the last week and that horrendous version of "8 Days a Week" was a rip off of the Lorrie Morgan version. Katharine McPhee's HUGE hit with the "Over the Rainbow" performance was another Eva Cassidy rip. These guys don't own the song and their lucky they got the rights to release it in the first place. Who cares if someone used their arrangement? It's not like David got up there and said that he arranged the song- all he did was sing it.

2383 days ago

The G Man    

A simple examination of copyright law will tell you you CANNOT copyright arrangements...only the compositions and the actual sound recordings. You can make a recording that sounds exactly like the Beatles if you want -- as long as the song is licensed and you don't claim that it is the Beatles, nobody can stop you. Sound alikes are perfectly legal, and it's ridiculous that a cover band would claim they've been ripped off!

2383 days ago


oh please courtney get a life, as u can see abover another band did it also, should AI give them credit also , lol..lets search the internet im sure there are 10 other bands that did their version also. lets find them so we can give them all credit for a song that isnt theirs either. lol..better yet lets give the beatles credit since its their song!!

2383 days ago


Actually Doxology version sounds like a rip off of "The Viloet Burning" album "Strength" rendition of the same song. It was released in 1992, and oh yeah I played that cassette until it popped. Doxolygy got out of this what they wanted...publicity, and now they need to go back to their corner and pout.

2383 days ago
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