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Did David Cook Rip-Off "Eleanor Rigby"?

3/12/2008 3:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David Cook was on fire with his rendition of the Beatles classic "Eleanor Rigby" on "Idol" last night -- but a Seattle band claims he swiped the arrangement from them.

The band DOXOLOGY recorded their version of the track a year and a half ago, putting it up on iTunes and on the band's MySpace page. The band's manager tells TMZ the song is what they're best known for and have played it at nearly 200 shows.

Click to hear!The manager says the band has no intention of suing, but they're trying to get in touch with the show -- they want some props.

"Idol" tells TMZ the contestants pick their song and present their ideas for the arrangement to the show's musical department and work with them on it.

Welcome to Hollywood.


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Okay, american idol is about renditions of songs so if David Cook used a similiar version who cares, the problem is he nailed it and it sounds good. As for the band that feels they have created this rendition of the beatles song, who are you kidding your using this for Everybody uses Everybody don't they

2359 days ago

Colleen Mulvey    

Thrice did this song on their 2005 Album- If we could only see us now. Doxology shouldn't be so bold to take credit for this version. Regardless who did though...David did a great job!

2358 days ago


Look--the arrangement was written for David by a good friend of his from one of his bands. If the arrangement was ripped off, it wasn't David or Idol.

That said, the guy who wrote it has a bit more integrity than to rip off an arrangement from an unknown band.

2358 days ago


im pissed he took one of the beatles' greatest song and made it his own im mad he should've gotten sued by someone

2356 days ago


"A Rose by any other" arrangement smells sweet. Somehow, I have a feeling others could make the same claim about Doxology. Once a song is released as an original, everybody's subsequent arrangement can be claimed to be a ripoff unless the song is not longer recognizable.

2351 days ago

No named    

If you guys think that David Cook ripped off their version of the song...then what about Jason Castro. That night his version of "If I Fell", was incredibly close to a version that Adam Levine of Maroon 5 did on an acoustic set a while back.
David sang it better than whoever is the front man of that band.

2351 days ago


Of course the David version sounded better; he had access to a full orchestra and advanced equipment, which Doxology (as not being famous) did not.

I have met one of the guys from Doxology, and let me tell you, this isn't about the 15 minutes of fame. They are upset that they received no credit whatsoever for THEIR arrangement of the song, not that David used it. They understand that they have no right to sue on a song they did not write, but you'd think they would at least get their name MENTIONED. All they want is a little bit of credit, not money Why can't they get it so this whole issue can be over with?

2350 days ago

Joey F    

Here is Doxology's live version:

2346 days ago


Who the hell is DOXOLOGY?

2346 days ago


Being one who truly likes the Original Beatle's 'Elenor Rigby' , I was suprised to find a cover of it LAST YEAR on itunes by DOXOLOGY. I knew when I heard Dumbass comb over Cooks' "original arrangement " of the song, I knew I had heard it else where... ON MY iPod EARLIER IN THE DAY! Cook, you'll never be original. Please stop taking credit for others' work. And enough with the 'air guitar' you play on stage. You should have been voted off, not the class act that was Amanda!!!

2342 days ago


Everybody on here who is saying Doxology shouldn't get credit because it's a Beatles song, not an original Doxology song, obviously has NO clue about music or the industry in general. Doxology isn't asking for credit for the SONG itself, they're asking for credit for the ARRANGEMENT. Cook didn't create the arrangement, yet he's taking credit for it and acting like he's so much better than the rest of the contestants who sing the songs the way they were originally recorded. That's EXACTLY what he did, copied another band's arrangement and tried to pass it off on his own. He does this week after week... thinking that if he sings it in his rocked out way, that he's better than everybody else. Sad thing is, he's just finding the songs online that other bands or artists have already changed up to make it THEIR own, and trying to pass it off as HIS creative twist....what a fraud!

2342 days ago


Who the bloody hell IS Doxology? Because whoever the hell they are, I can guarrantee you that Cook did it a million times better.

2341 days ago


David Cooks Rocks on Idol. No they aren't HIS songs but he made each and every one of the his own and sang them with passion, heart, conviction and very very very well. He didn't take anything away from anyone else, the original singers or songs, those are good too. But David makes them better with his amazing voice and unending musical talents. All you negative peeps, get over yourselves. Out with the old and in with the new.

2341 days ago


They ripped it from The Beatles.

2340 days ago


David Cook never said it was his own arrangement. As a matter of fact
no one even said the word arrangement before or after he sang. They
gave him credit for the performance which sounded a heck of a lot
better than Doxology. He said he found their version and Neil Zaza's
version and put them together so in the end it was HIS arrangement.
You don't get royalties for your arrangement of someone else's song
so all they wanted was the free publicity. I can't see it giving them
anymore airtime because they are not very good at all. I would like to
see them try to perform that song even half as well as he did.
Guaranteed won't happen. He said Doxology's name on national
television so I hope they will give it a rest now.

He used other people's arrangements twice and he gave credit when it
was due. Tuesday night he proved just how talented he is and that he
is very capable of creating his own arrangements. Now leave him alone and let him
get on with his career.

2340 days ago
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