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Heather 911 Call -- Dr. Fears Suicide

3/12/2008 4:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the 911 call that sent paramedics racing to Heather Locklear's house over the weekend.

As TMZ first reported, paramedics arrived at Heather's house on Saturday after getting dispatched on a "suicide attempt" call. When they arrived Heather was fine.

The doctor says on the tape, "I have a patient and I have feeling she's suicidal."

The tape is the second 911 call the doc made. He says he called 15 minutes earlier and was following up.

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Every time I click on the tape, I get nothing....has it been blocked in Canada?

2398 days ago


patient confidentiality

2392 days ago


Say goodbye to that doctor!

2414 days ago


first!!!! bitches

2414 days ago


don't you think ashton kutcher is behind this?

2414 days ago


so much for patient confidentiality!

2414 days ago


I'd sue that quack for lack of professionalism and damaging her image.

2414 days ago


What does Heather have to be suicidal about???? No one's answered this question!

2414 days ago

Mandy Spears    

The guy didn't sound very smart for a doctor. Maybe he should have bought a star map so he could know his patients addresses.

2414 days ago


I think if this was a crank call, he wouldn't be leaving his name and number for a call back. That's what makes this sound legitimate. If a doctor really was worried about his patient, then this would probably be the procedure he would use to make sure she was all right. I hope Heather's okay. She doesn't seem like the kind of person who would be suicidal, so it makes this whole thing very weird.

2414 days ago


Well, don't be so quick to judge the doctor poorly yet....obviously he
states she sounded suicidal, and perhaps she even stated something
to him, making it more probable. In any case, a doctor has a legal
obligation to watch for such signs, and to the patient. The doctor
did not breach patient/doctor confidentiality...the media brought the
story to the public, and now the doctor is forced into defending his
actions publically.

Maybe Heather was suicidal...maybe she said something to the doctor, but
now is refuting it?? Don't know, but obviously, she was not found physically impaired
by the paramedics, but who knows what she said to the doctor on the phone.

Thank-god there are still some doctors out there, who do care! But when they do, they
get pistol whipped for it!

2414 days ago

Mrs Joe Jackson    

QOUTE : "2. first!!!! bitches

Posted at 4:03PM on Mar 12th 2008 by Cajones"

Ha Ha... NOT Bitch.

Why go after the Doctor? Why not go after the 911 Operators? Nobody was doing their jobs.

2414 days ago

Buck Ofama    



2414 days ago


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2414 days ago


I beg to differ...sounds like the 911 system was doing there
precautionary jobs....but someone...whomever, did not do there
job when they leaked it to the public. Could be where 911 slipped...someone did.

Lay people can also listen via radio waves, etc... somebody got paid to leak
the private story. My gut says, it was not the doctor. If the doctor had not called
911, and she did commit suicide, then his balls would be out to dry, as well as
his license.

2414 days ago
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