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Heather 911 Call -- Dr. Fears Suicide

3/12/2008 4:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the 911 call that sent paramedics racing to Heather Locklear's house over the weekend.

As TMZ first reported, paramedics arrived at Heather's house on Saturday after getting dispatched on a "suicide attempt" call. When they arrived Heather was fine.

The doctor says on the tape, "I have a patient and I have feeling she's suicidal."

The tape is the second 911 call the doc made. He says he called 15 minutes earlier and was following up.

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No Avatar

Democrats are evil    

Why do people have to involve themselves when depressed people are suicidal. Just let them end it all. They move on in life and so does society. Win...Win

Human life is not as precious as some people would like you to believe.

2386 days ago


He does sound sincere, so obviously she said SOMETHING that bothered him. Maybe he took it out of context...if the medics said everything A-ok. But still there were words...we just don't know what they were. All you people, I swear, when owen wilson attempted everybody was like why didn't anybody pick up on the issues he had. Now a doctor does respond to something bothersome, and you all slam him. Gee-whiz people.

2386 days ago


Damn I cannot spell!!!!!!!!!

meant to say 'their' 'their' 'their' 'their' LOLOLOL


2386 days ago


Why would TMZ put this out there? I don't get it. You have morphed into a bunch of vultures.

2386 days ago

just wondering    

..well, she must be really happy abt this private matter being splashed all over the world! ..the downside of being famous, suxs!!..this kind of exposure only can make things worse for her, whatever problems she has.

2386 days ago



What is the point of posting this long article here? I mean really.

2386 days ago


the doc is not getting bad press because he was worried about his patient, rather because he is BLABBING HIS MOUTH AFTER THE FACT, she should kick his stupid butt and get herself another doctor. Who knows the good doc may have put her on a med that he knows could send a patient over the edge and he was trying and still trying to cover his butt !!!! If she is on a med prescribed by this doctor she had better check with her pharmacy for reactions to it and or with other meds.

2386 days ago


Poor Heather. The Dr. absolutely did the right thing, no one knows what she said to the Dr., but he obviously sounded concerned. Enough so that he wanted to make sure his second call was followed up on, and to let them know if she was OK. And I agree, whoever leaked this to the press is doing a disservice to any celebrity who may need help. Knowing it will be all over the media would make them think twice about reaching out for help and prolong suffering. I hope she's OK and kudo's to the Dr. and 911 dispatcher for taking it serioulsy.

2386 days ago


#14 grandsons used to watch a cartoon on Saturdays called RECESS......there is a toon character named RANDALL on the remind me of Randall.

2386 days ago


That doctor is an ass.. heather fire him immed!!

2386 days ago


What a FREAK! Girl next door got plastic surgery because she feels threatened by a younger, hotter girl on her butt named Denise...

2386 days ago

Prince Von A-Hole    

that sounded like that turtle headed gal from TMZ

2386 days ago


What's up with LA that 911 tapes become public knowledge that easily. Sick, sick, sick. I get the fact that Papz dig dirt, but it should be hard to get info form the popo in a town full of nozy papz. I have little faith in LA NEway.

2386 days ago

Prince Von A-Hole    

Oh that harvey is pretty good at sisguising his voice. Judge Wapner must have taught him that

2386 days ago


I heard that she was distressed because she didn't get the part in that new Max Hardcore movie (she's way too old to work for Max) and that's why she attempted suicide.

2386 days ago
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