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Lawyers Put the CON in Connery

3/12/2008 4:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sean Connery and his downstairs neighbor have been battling in (and out of ) court for years -- but it's their lawyers who appear to be doing all the dirty work!
Sean Connery
Connery and his Manhattan neighbor, Burton Sultan, have been suing each other over their Upper East Side townhouse. Sources tell us Connery wants the townhouse all to himself and has been trying his damnedest to get Sultan to move. TMZ has obtained a controversial 2004 letter from Connery's lawyer, Robert Lynn, to Connery's wife, Lady Micheline, in which he tells Mrs. Connery, "I think if we tie him (Sultan) up in several lawsuits, hopefully this will either permanently subdue him, or drive him out of the building." This ain't Mister Rogers neighborhood!

Unfortunately Sultan's former lawyer, Irving Singer, may not have acted any better and may have been bribed by Lynn. In an affidavit under oath dated February 12, 2008, Singer's former paralegal, Karen Milazzo, claims Lynn offered Singer one million dollars to settle the case -- and "not for the benefit of the clients." Milazzo alleges she overheard Singer tell Lynn, "I will not do it for a million dollars. I need one and one half to two million dollars to retire."

In transcripts from a Nassau County, New York court hearing on February 13, Singer denies that he took any money from Connery's lawyer, but seems to confirm that money was in fact offered.

TMZ contacted Lynn for comment, but have not heard back.

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kinda funny.

2330 days ago


kinda funny...

2352 days ago


Secon, I reckon

2352 days ago


Sean Connery is a bully, remember when he said that women should be smacked around! What a tough guy!

2352 days ago


Sean needs to channel his inner James Bond and pull some fancy moves to get his neighbor out. Loud old people sex would drive me out!

2352 days ago


And we care because?

2352 days ago


I guess Harvey didn't hire the best and the brightest.

2352 days ago



2352 days ago

She looks great    

That SOB lawyer, Lynn, should be thrown in prison and, of course, disbarred.

This kind of lawyer gangster crap goes on all the time.

Lawyers are worse than gangsters because they pretend to be legitimate, and people trust them.

2352 days ago


Hey, you clowns posting "Who care?", are reading TMZ not CNN so obviously, YOU care! Idiots.

2352 days ago

Mature Adult    

It's time for the lawyers and Mr. Connery to grow up. They are publicly showing a side of themselves that they are spoiled un-mannered children that are use to getting their way no matter who it hurts or affects.

2352 days ago


Connery should stick to Scottish potitics.

2352 days ago


The word "connerie" in French means "crap".

2352 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Sean Connery has always been a baldheaded, uneducated, arrogant, A-Hole. So, what else is new ?

2352 days ago

Fairness Freak    

People need to remember that Mr. Connery is an actor. Just because he is believable in his acting and portrays someone you think is cool, kind, well mannered or any other trait, doesn't mean that's the way he is in private. He's an actor. That's what he does for a living. He makes you think he's something or someone else. He may (or may NOT) be a first class a**hole in real life, but there's a lot of people who are as well. Having money and being famous doesn't mean you're a nice person. And it definitely doesn't mean you have to be a nice person either. The constant pressure from "fans" and the paparazzi would be enough to push most people over the edge into being jerks. It's tough to live in a fishbowl.

2352 days ago

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