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Ring the Alarm! Medics Sent to Beyonce's Trailer

3/12/2008 1:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just before midnight yesterday, paramedics were called to Beyonce's trailer on the New Jersey set of her new film "Cadillac Records" -- but it was her mom, Tina Knowles, who needed the medical attention.

TMZ spoke exclusively to Beyonce's father, Matthew Knowles, who said medics were called because Tina has the flu and began to experience shortness of breath. Paging Janet Jackson!

Matthew tells us Tina's blood pressure was a little high and she was checked out by medics -- but she was not transported.


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Boy, if people said this about Britney and her mom. Oh, hell no! These people do not make the news or TMZ EVERYDAY!
Give me a break! I just hate stupid people. Wishing someone dead. Hey that happens too. Soon we will be reading about it. I grieved over Heath. And now another. Don't you dare say you wish someone dead you arse! God may take you instead!

2385 days ago


so exactly where is the story here?

GEEZ TMZ you're becoming soooo national enquirer lately with these no story here captions

2385 days ago

Mrs Joe Jackson    

Is she dead? No more trashy fashions from the House Darion... maybe a designer sheet to throw over the gurney???

2385 days ago


Blue, how about a blue sheet to throw over you? Don't like her clothes don't look or buy them. Simple. But, please
leave the hate out of it. This is a human being like you who had a medical problem. One day when that gurney comes
for you I think you will remember how evil you really are. Going down?

2385 days ago



The question is would anybody care if you died. Let's see a show of hands, Oh wait this is the internet, I'm going tot take an educated guess and assume nobody would care, call it it a hunch. ..

2385 days ago


Well, when Britney and her mom pass then lets see those show of hands. Shiz! Such hate.Oh wait this is the internet.

2385 days ago

Grandmother Lohan    

so, some of you would cry if Beyonce died?
there's plenty of other no talent skanks out there selling
their ass to everything on the planet to look up to.
Beyonce doesn't care about any of you. She only cares
about her light skin black ass.
I hope she dies, too!

2385 days ago


John, poor thing. You cannot help how you feel. But, would you say that about Britney. Let's see she's a skank too.
You dear John better wonder which way you are heading. You may get there first. But, who will cry over you? Think
about it! No one!

Because deep down inside you know you are a LOSER! Bye, bye!

2385 days ago


@ john, how the f!@k can you say you hope she dies??? Are you freaking serious??? I can understand if you don't like her (doesn't matter since she has plenty more people who love and appreciate her), but you cannot seriously wish death on anyone, not even your worst enemies. Keep in mind that you don't even know her. Such a loser. Ugh.
Anyway, I hope Tina is okay and doing fine. The flu has been horrible this year, so it's not surprising that a lot more people are getting the flu this time around.

2385 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

I am sick of the attacks on Irene Gracey szie O... why is it when a woman is slim, trim, attractive and in shape other less attractive, less slim women feel it is OK o attack them?

I work hard to be a size 2 and envy Irene. Being slim is being healthy... i am sick of these FAT PIGS saying it is OK to be a 2X. I guess in Indiana or Ohio a woman might get away with a larger bottom or even an unwaxed upper lip but here in Darien there is a bit of pressure to look good... I think this pressure is healthy.

My husband's company once had a week long conference in Indianopoliss. I went with him... my observations:
"nicest" resturant in the suburb we were in was Applebee's
Most of the white women had mousey brown short butchy perms
Most of the black women had cheap orange weaves or badly processed hair that resembeled mannequin hair
Tons of polyester and plastic shoes
Women had purses that looked like picnic baskets
Men without belts...greasy combovers
Corn on the cob and "Sloppy Joes" served at retirement dinner
These are all choices..if you want to be a fat slob with a butch brown perm... enjoy!

2385 days ago


my daughter's not in media spotlight anymore, I have to do something......

2385 days ago


OH Snap needs some psych. help.........are you obsessed with the no-talent BeyHoence or what??????? i bet if you are the stalker type IMAO

2385 days ago


so what if i am obsessed Taco that is none of your business.. and who would not stalk someone like her anyway???

2385 days ago


Trophy wife that's exactly why the Gov. of New York paid woman 80,000.00 a year for service he has a trophy wife too.
She looks ever bit a size 2! Fool, guess he wanted woman in all shapes and sizes. Now what? Is your husband spending
that kind of money. Better think about before you answer. Trophy NUT! It an insult to the women you talked about.
I bet you are a size 2! Your mind is. I doubt you are. Check on your hubby he may be playing the field somewhere else
you will be the last to know. Dummy!

2385 days ago

what a bitch.    


2385 days ago
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