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P-Rod Gives Mencia a Sidewalk Bashing

3/13/2008 6:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Why pay to see a show at the Laugh Factory when you can see one for free right out front?

Comedian Paul Rodriguez did a whole routine for TMZ cameras last night -- ripping Carlos Mencia a new one, giving props to Barack Obama and even calling his female friend a man right to her face.


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The truth hurts Mencia!    

Everyone hates Carlos Mencia -
George Lopez beat him up for stealing his material, Joe Rogan embarrasses and humiliates him {check YouTube} every chance he gets and Paul Rodriguez has no need to make anymore money, his son - 'P-Rod' makes millions as he is one of the greatest skateboarders in the world. Mencia is and always will be a thief and a joke. When George Lopez kicks your ass, you have problems.

2413 days ago

Johnny Lawson    


not everyone hates Mencia, but Joe Rogan seems to have a man crush on him...of course I'd be pissed off too if I was a no talent hack like Rogin....or a washed up almost-was like Rodriguez

2413 days ago


All of the comments may be true of Paul, but he at least is cordial, plays along, and is not afraid to clown. Rather refreshing after all the usual stuff on here....."a los pinche gringos Paulo, que se maman la verga".

2413 days ago


Didn't watch the video but he looks like vince vaughn there haha

2413 days ago


Paul is bitter because he failed when he was "just this close." All Rodriquez can do is tell racist jokes and call everyone else a bigot. Ever notice how he shows up whenever there is a camera and microphone around to shoot of his mouth?

Carlos is funny. Rogan is a bunghole and EVERYBODY steals jokes. They always have and I don't care who you bring up. You modify it to fit your style and it's all new to anyone who hasn't heard it before, or recently enough to remember while under the influence. Take a very old routine and present it to a younger audience and it's "new" to them,. Big hairy deal. It's half material and half personality and Paul Rodriquez lacks both.

2413 days ago


Which messikin comidian is dat ? dey all lookie duh same. NARF

2413 days ago


Thats David Keeler, The Photographer thats Grillin Paul, Ha Ha Ha, Hes Been Around For Years In Hollywood,

2413 days ago


Which messikin comidian is dat ? dey all lookie duh same. NARF

2413 days ago

Ed U Kator    

Milton Berle made a career out of stealing jokes.

2413 days ago


Paul who? He is a has been. Saw him at the awards for univison- he sounded so stupid and pathetic. Mencia has no competion with that guy. I've used to see him years ago where I worked, he was an ass then and is an ass now.

2413 days ago


I thought this was in reference to his son, Paul Rodriguez Jr., or 'P-Rod', the fantastically amazing (soon to be movie star!) pro skateboarder.

2413 days ago


Yay! Another "real" comedian speaking out against Menstealia! Bravo TMZ.

2413 days ago


is that pink sucking face with rodriguz? looks like she got over her divorce quickly...

2413 days ago


"P. Rod" ??????

Come ON. When will you STOP this stupid name game? I am so sick of "J.Lo", "A.Rod", "LiLo" and all the other stupid nicknames the media gives celebrities. Ten years from now, you will look back and laugh at how silly this really is. I just wish you could see it now.

2413 days ago


I need to pee.

2412 days ago
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