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Neverland? Never Better!

3/13/2008 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonMichael Jackson has pulled some financial strings to save Neverland ranch from public auction just six days before it was supposed to go down.

An auction date had been set for March 19 because Jacko owed $24.5 million on the 2,500-acre spread northwest of Santa Barbara.

Question is -- who would have bought that place, anyway? It looks like the circus left town!


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non of you are nearly as man as him. all you ever do at home is watch t.v and play video games. wow you are such "real" men.
Perverted, and you hit women and have no respect for other people.

2392 days ago


Duh!!! Who cares. Al

2392 days ago


TMZ was quick to say MJ's Thriller 25 it flopped when Foxnews initially reported that, but TMZ has not given this update:


So is Neverland saved? It’s still a bit foggy. But there is some good news on the horizon. The "Thriller 25" album has sold better than anyone imagined. A month later, the revamped package is holding its own in the top 10. Last week, "Thriller 25" was one of the few CDs that actually increased its sales, by 20 percent. It sold almost 50,000 copies. In this economy, with the record biz dead, that’s quite an accomplishment.

At a total 300,000-plus, "Thriller 25" is heading for gold certification with the RIAA. That would be quite an accomplishment for a CD that’s been reissued several times. It also might be a sign of how bad things are in the marketplace. Good music is being drunk like water in the desert!

2392 days ago

michael jacksin    

Please understand that it's very natural for a 45 year old man to enjoy watching scary movies naked, in a darkened bedroom with young boys. It's also natural for a 45 year old man to leer at young boys while they frolick in a swimming pool. It's not sexual, you're thinking sexual. I gotta go, the movie's starting...

2392 days ago


Change the name to "Kiddie City". Don't me a favor and how about getting some publicity by hugging or even trying to f one these hot whores? You know change it up a bit and leave the got damn boys alone. Believe it or not many (especially minorities) remember when you were black and still look up to you. You f-n around with little boys is an insult. After all this is Hollyweird and not Northern Georgia!

2392 days ago

It' OK Buddy    

I appreciate what your saying but I still hate the Jackson's!!! I don't think you love them that much either.....
The Jews Rewrote History and Wrote Germany out of it! Okay! Germany Didn't exist as far as the world is concerned and we don't teach it to our kids and we completely reconstruct world history from a semitic viewpoint... It wasn't a powerful colonial power that owned all of Polynesia, Micronesia, Indonesia an parts of Asia and over a third of Africa? Until forced to relinquish at the treaty of Versailles? The "Holocaust" was the worst atrocity ever committed by man against man and we can't ever forget it and Germans are the worst Humans ever to placed upon the earth...

In reality, it pales in the scale of Human atrocities but Americans happen to have been there and it was just recent and Jews have control of the Western Media and information, Education and Entertainment structure for the last 100+ years so what else are we gonna believe at this point?

2392 days ago


He sick. Neverland should be burned to the ground. The kids whose lives he destroyed should be allowed to bury him beneath the ashes and jump up and down with glee on the grave of Michael and Neverland.

2391 days ago

Moni in the Middle    

Hah! LOL Bubbles paid for that biotch! I would love to see what in the hell is going on there. Or..............that might be a bad idea. Its sad, he was sooo cute when he was a little boy.

2391 days ago


Dude, what is WITH the face.

2391 days ago


Okay, what happened was he went to another lender and now he supposedly has until May 14th..basically it was just postponed, Neverland was never least not yet.
Two, for those of you making negative comments about Michael I am assuming that your only information about him has come from news reports and crappy tabloids like TMZ. I would suggest to get the FULL story by reading Aphrodite Jone's book "Michael Jackson Conspiracy" has actual transcripts of "the trial" and a lot of info that you guys would be surprised to know!

2383 days ago


love ya

2382 days ago


Clay Aiken?

2392 days ago


Ironically, this news pops up the day after American Idol says they're doing a second night of Beatles songs...which Jackson owns the rights to

2392 days ago


Janet paid for it! His ass will be on tour with the Jackson's soon.

2392 days ago


Billie Jean?????????

2392 days ago
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