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Did Arnold Burn Victims with Illness?

3/14/2008 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Did Tom Arnold leave some Iraq war vets and Ed McMahon in the lurch when he backed out of a scheduled appearance with them? Not true! We're told a severe illness prevented him from showing up.

TMZ has learned that Arnold was enlisted by McMahon himself to appear at a screening of "This Is War," a documentary about seven US soldiers who were burned over 90% of their bodies during combat. Because Tom said he would show, organizers tell us FOX TV, Spike TV, and Sea Allure agreed to fly the soldiers out by private jet to the screening last weekend.

But twice before the event, we're told, Arnold had to reschedule and then had to bail out just two hours before red carpet rolled.

A source in Arnold's camp said that he had a stomach virus that was so severe that it landed him in the hospital. He was totally helpless to show up, even though he really wanted to do so, and had assured McMahon that he would. It was all unfortunate timing.

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What the hell was Ed McMahon thinking by "enlisting" a no-name like Tom Arnold? Shame on Ed too. Our soldiers don't deserve to be dissed like this. I feel bad for them.

2377 days ago


Even Roseanne can't stand him so why should we care....He even does a stupid job on "Redneck Wedding Show". These vets have been thru Hell and they certainly don't need to have to endure Tom Arnold.

2377 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Either he has no sense of duty, or there's something up with him.

2377 days ago


Do you have a list of celebrities who *are* altruistic? And, a list of those who use opportunities such as this to promote their image? I'm just wondering. Don't the majority show up for the photo op and go? I've seen quite a few celebrities do this. How is that different than not showing up at all? He can just email in a picture.

2377 days ago


Low class jerk.

2377 days ago

Julie the Jarhead    

Mr. McMahon, you're a class act.

Semper fi!

2377 days ago

Dog The Bounty Hunter Sucks    

Arnold hasn't lived a day in the last 30 years without snorting meth. Keep licking those dry lips moron.

2377 days ago


Well to all those men/women who have suffered injuries as a result of this war, please know us regular ordinary people care deeply about your wounds and pain you have suffered and we wish you all the best in life.

2377 days ago


What a jerkt the only reason we know him is because of Roseanne

2377 days ago


Please stop bashing Tom. He is really a nice guy. My dad went to high school with him and knows him personally. They are totally taking this story out of context.

2377 days ago


Tom Who? .. He's so 80's

2377 days ago


I think he's back on the booze. Check out his recent comments to TMZ re his latest divorce. Seems to pretty much acknowledge he is drinking.

2377 days ago


well duh celebs dont care about anybody but themselves if they aint gettin paid for it they wont do anything from the goodness of their hearts but what they hell has tom arnold did that makes people wanna meet him anyway now no1 really cares about him way to go tom

2377 days ago


That is SOOOOO LAME!!! He is a looser and those vets are serving a country that protects his lameness.

2377 days ago

Tom Arnold    

The story you read, though important enough for you to stop your busy day of making the world a better place and use old and unoriginal personal slams on someone you've never met, is not true. I was asked, not by Ed McMahon, a friend of many years and a legitimate war hero, but by a producer to show up for some pictures with the soldiers if I could. I said I would do my absolute best (I spent part of last March and April in Afghanistan/Pakistan, with the USO, doing anything I could to entertain or at least distract from and show my appreciation of the great men and women there. You're right, it was the least I could do and not the first time (I'm going again in 2 months). This was a different situation. I was told it was a movie screening and if not for the fact that I was in the hospital at UCLA (check it out TMX) with a contagious virus, one that might endanger, not only the troups but my 85 year old friend Ed, I would've been there. I was devistated. I wish I could tell you how and when something medical like this comes on (it was my first time, I have literally never missed a day of work but I was truly bedbound) I finally left the hospital around 8 pm Saturday night. Also not true, Ed never called my. They were kept up to date every hour AND the dishonest P.R. women (I don't blame Ed whatsoever) never told me anything about "networks covering the event just because I would be there". Alot of your comments are ignorant, mean or you may just be insenced because you believe everything you read so that gives you license to criticize people who you have never met and I'm guessing do a hell of alot more for folks than you do. I'm not just talking about me but instead of taking your own valuable time to criticize, name call and spread general negativity and lies, why don't you band together and raise money for the USO like I have or send a check to Camp Del Corazon, my kids whith heart transplants camp, or The Race to Erase MS which both Ed and I are board members. Or The Kayne Eras Center, my school for special needs and at risk kids, the largest in the country, or my scholarship program that benefits 1000 single parents and their children with full rides to college or start your own!!! I do at least 50 charity events a years, raising millions of dollars, because I'm a saint, no, because it makes me feel good about myself and it's my responsiblility and honor. I have given away much more than I have and since we're checking facts, and TMZ"s Harvey Levin, who I consider honorable, know's this one: I never took a dime of allimony from Roseanne. Zero. I left 50 million legal dollars on the table because I knew that was my step-kids money and I also appreciatted all she'd done for me. Look it up. It's all nice and legal. It doesn't make me a saint but let's all try to take a beat before we judge.
I will make my absence up to Ed and the troups but The It Girls P.R. Firm owes us all a big apology. If nothing else, by trying to get the name of their company in the paper by putting out a false story that probably hurt the soldiers feelings instead of just telling the truth. Shame on you! I expect you to help make this right by everybody asap IT Girls PR and I expect to hear exactly how you are going to do the right thing by Monday. Harvey, help my out on this one....forget that, help our heros out!!! Sincerely, Tom Arnold

2376 days ago
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