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Paris Not Hoeing It With Benji

3/15/2008 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It looks like Paris may be getting exactly what she asked Santa for this year. The hocialite says her romance with Joel Madden's brother is the real deal and not just puppy love.

The couple were first spotted locking lips in mid-February and things are still going strong. This must be a record for the heiress! Paris insisted that she and Benji aren't punking us all for Ashton Kutcher's new reality show and says she and her latest boy toy even got matching rings. When Paris called Ryan Seacrest to dish on her love life, Benji was sleeping in the bed next to her according to Us. That's no surprise.

K-Fed and Brit's Dad Cook Up a Deal

K-Fed is finally ready to start working for a living. He is reportedly interested in taking over his favorite Mexican restaurant and wants to go into business with his former father-in-law (via Daily Mirror).

Jamie Spears dabbled in the restaurant business once before, but his last attempt running the kitchen went up in flames. Now that Jamie is signing all of Brit Brit's checks, his recovering popwreck daughter is reportedly expected to bankroll this unconventional partnership.

Party Favors: Ashley Dupre Big Pimpin ... Sheryl Crow Hurting for Cash?

The NY Gov's working girl is out of a job and needs to pay the rent. Her music sales are up on an online music download website and Hustler and Penthouse reportedly want to pay 'Kristin' around $1 million to bare it all (via NY POST). Not bad for a days work where no clean up is required. ...Is it possible that the poor economy is hurting Sheryl Crow? The solo singer is joining Fleetwood Mac sometime next year to collaborate and tour with the legendary group according to


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2416 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

She's a nasty disease ridden Hobag and no fake publicity BS will ever change that! Hope Benji enjoys that new burning in his crotch!

2416 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Anything business having to do with Britney Spears is poison! Negativity hangs from her head like a black cloud!

2416 days ago

He's Boring now    

Good Grief is TMZ out of the Loop on the Huge stories of the times...the only thing you have said so far on the whole Spitzer saga is this blurb, about Ashley DuPre, and that only after getting it from the NY Post?

Harvey you'r slipping big time---you're a Native New Yorker, where are your contacts out East? And dont say you only do storeis 30 miles within Hollywood---thats a Lie, not when you have cameras and reporters stalking the Olsen Twins out in NY---you're there, you're just not connected anymore.

You missed the whole Spitzer story, lock stock and Escort.

2416 days ago

Go Away Paris......You are a SKANK    

Paris Hilton is a hoe.
Quit pubilshing any stories on her. Dont publish her photo.
She is a no talent celebrity wannabe.

2416 days ago


i dont understand why she would have to finance one of his ventures, especially if they are divorced and she is already giving the freeloader money. does he not have the responsiblity to do anything on his own?

2416 days ago


Hasn't anyone told Paris that Benji is on the Hilton payroll!

2416 days ago

Good Charlotte freak    

It sickens me that Benji is sticking it to that disgusting whore. I know he's been around but doesn't he realize how many other guys have docked their ships in that same port???? Plus she has the personality, intelligence and attention span of a rock. Before you know it, some other guy will catch her eye and she'll be after him like a dog in heat. Dump her now Benji and find a real woman. Pink is available. I think she is more your type and she is awesome!!!! Your fans are really disappointed in you right now. We know it is your life but it is painful to see you make at ass out of yourself in front of everyone.

2416 days ago


well she doing her thing get that paper girl. can you blame her, shoot if anything every politician is screw up, i come from a state that is well KNOWN for publicly screwing things up, she making her money do it, girl, get that paper. I can understand exactly were you coming from so forget all them haters. TO

2416 days ago


Sheryl Crow is a mean, backbiting, talentless creep.. She never could sing and entertain in public because she felt was always better than her audience.

2416 days ago


I predicted dad buying himself a restaurant with Brit's money (again) when he first applied to be conservator...seems I was right. This guy is a disgrace...can't make a living without mooching from his daughter and they give him control of her estate....crazy stuff.


2416 days ago



The Spitzer story is boring and played out. Maybe New Yorker's are still excited over the scandal but everyone else not so much.

2416 days ago


Whoa...papa wanting to go into business with Brits ex!!!??? NOT A GOOD MOVE!

Very very bad, if not unethical too! You know, I can't help feeling sorry for Brit, despite
all she has done to herself too, and asks for. How would anyone feel if their parents
were teaming up with ones ex? Lousy if you ask me, and feeling betrayed. Doesn't matter
who is the good guy or not, or who is right or wrong...just not a good thing to do!!!!!!!!!!! Piss on
her parents!

2416 days ago


In reply to #10' Sheryl Crow comment: AMEN!!!!! AND DOUBLE THUMBS UP!

2416 days ago


Why isn’t Spitzer’s whore being charged and arrested for prostitution? This is BS.

2416 days ago
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