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Anna Nicole Inquest -- Daniel Did Drugs

3/17/2008 7:51 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Larry Birkhead has just testified in the Bahamas in the inquest involving the death of Daniel Smith, Anna Nicole's son. Some of the testimony about drugs is pretty shocking.

Birkhead testified that in April 2006, Anna realized some of her Methadone was missing in her Studio City home. Birkhead said Anna had surveillance cameras in the house, checked them and found video proof that Daniel and his buddies were the culprits.

While Birkhead was under oath, he was asked about statements he made to the cops back in 2006, when he was at war with Anna. He had told police he saw Howard K. Stern smoke pot with Anna and Daniel. During his testimony, Birkhead said he was not completely clear on what he saw.

UPDATE: Birkhead also told cops Anna had given Daniel Ecstasy, but on the stand Birkhead said he couldn't say this actually happened.

Birkhead said Daniel's personality completely changed between January 2006 and May. He saw Daniel throw a TV through a window. Daniel often stayed out all night long and Anna was worried.

Also, Daniel was admitted to an L.A. hospital for misuse of valium in mid July, 2006.

Howard K. testifies tomorrow.


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2410 days ago


If everyone was so aware of Daniel using and abusing why didn't someone try to get him help? Then again, you can't help someone that doesn't want help!

Why was Anna taking methadone?

2410 days ago


So, the selling-out of Daniel begins.

2410 days ago

Just my opinion    

Larry Birkhead is a snake...he is NOW changing his story to benefit Howard K. This is all abunch of BS. Daniel didn't do drugs. Howard K did him in....put me on that jury.....Howard K, you should be locked up.

2410 days ago


Anna wasnt concerned. She probably didnt care or know because she was so stoned all the time

2410 days ago

Only swim in the Ocean    

Bloggers who support Howard & Larry told us all along Daniel died accidentally and had a history of drug abuse. Amazing that TMZ has covered this so fast!

2410 days ago

Miss Marple    

I always knew Daniel was a drug addict! Finally the truth is now coming out!!

2410 days ago




RIP Anna and Daniel

2410 days ago

too sad    

i dont belivel arry or howard ,

how come the people vulerable two with all the $$$$$$$$$$$$$ ARE DEAD ?

and the gay losrs get to live in the house, take the baby and then

make up stories about the dead ?

2410 days ago


Will Birkhead ever get a job where it doesn't involve selling out his daughter or now dead people who can't speak for themselves? We know he's making millions now just by donating his sperm. Karma is a bitch, Birkhead. You might be making millions selling out your daughter and dead people but don't think it won't come back to you. Birkhead CANNOT be trusted.

2410 days ago

too sad    

you know that larry and howard went to fetch the drugs for them and

manipulated them into doing whatever they wanted .........

they basicallly killed them .

2410 days ago


Sorry, don't believe your story Larry.
Easy to blame the dead who cannot defend themselves
How convenient for you and HKS.

2410 days ago

Howard Supporter    

There is nothing new here, we all knew the truth from the beginning and now it is being confirmed. Big deal. Romanticizing Daniel as a hero or an angel for overdosing himself never really worked.

Let the truth end this charade of lies and nonsense once and for all.

Let these people live their lives and close the book on all of it. PROGRESS.

2410 days ago


Look at all the butt-buddies coming out to support their "boys" on the blogs. Kind of redundant though, since the rest of us already know that the way to truth does NOT lie through the lips of either Stern OR Birkhead. Hopefully, the truth will still win-out in the end.

2410 days ago

Innocent ByStander    

Virgie is suing TMZ and I hope this in included in that law suit.

2410 days ago
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