Anna Nicole Inquest -- Daniel Did Drugs

3/17/2008 7:51 PM PDT

Anna Nicole Inquest -- Daniel Did Drugs

Larry Birkhead has just testified in the Bahamas in the inquest involving the death of Daniel Smith, Anna Nicole's son. Some of the testimony about drugs is pretty shocking.

Birkhead testified that in April 2006, Anna realized some of her Methadone was missing in her Studio City home. Birkhead said Anna had surveillance cameras in the house, checked them and found video proof that Daniel and his buddies were the culprits.

While Birkhead was under oath, he was asked about statements he made to the cops back in 2006, when he was at war with Anna. He had told police he saw Howard K. Stern smoke pot with Anna and Daniel. During his testimony, Birkhead said he was not completely clear on what he saw.

UPDATE: Birkhead also told cops Anna had given Daniel Ecstasy, but on the stand Birkhead said he couldn't say this actually happened.

Birkhead said Daniel's personality completely changed between January 2006 and May. He saw Daniel throw a TV through a window. Daniel often stayed out all night long and Anna was worried.

Also, Daniel was admitted to an L.A. hospital for misuse of valium in mid July, 2006.

Howard K. testifies tomorrow.