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Heather Wins by a Leg

3/17/2008 10:44 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Heather Mills McCartney did slightly better than the settlement Paul offered.

A judge in the divorce case has just ruled, and Heather walks with £16.5 million pounds -- which translates to just over $33 million bucks. That sum plus assets she currently holds from the marriage totals $48.6 million.

Paul reportedly offered $47 mil to settle, so one of the most hated women in England - no, give her some credit: she's hated in the U.S. as well -- is going to have to make do.


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Lovely Rita    

We love you Paul! Hope you find a wonderful woman to share your life with. God bless you & Beatrice. Heather - go away!!!

2380 days ago


Ken, I'm giving ya a hand! Have a great day to! :)

2380 days ago


and who said she didn't have a leg to stand on????? take the money and run bitch

2380 days ago


she's a gold-digging whore.. the only thing i would have gave her was money for there child and that is it.. Nothing eles...

2380 days ago


I sure hope this means we won't have to hear about this *itch from this day forward. She's a greedy witch!!!!!!!!!!! I hope their daughter takes after HIM not HER!!!!!!!

2380 days ago

OC Get A Life    

Now, that this one legged amoral bitch has gotten her pay off, she says she is leaving the UK and moving permanently to the US to continue and get this "her life long devotion to charity work". I hope that every American who sees this woman let's her know that we have Hillary, Condoleza, Brittany, Paris, and a million other whores we do not need any more in the US. And, if there are any stalkers or serial killers on the thread looking for know....I mean...I'm not saying...but you could be on like the cover of Paul's next album....and the world press......and they probably wouldn't even charge like....okay...? Helter Skelter, go get Heather Mills.

2380 days ago


Sic Vita!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's what her greedy ass gets.
McCartney got out easy breezy on this one.
Then she said their daughter ONLY gets $70,000/yr so she'll have to make do....

w.........t...........f................and sMh

2380 days ago

Reptile Queen    

I so agree with the public...What a gold-digger! She obviously married Sir Paul for his "Status" and not him as a human being. Too bad she got one dime from him but the child deserves financial care from her father. The peg leg winch she hop on to some deserted island by herself as she is not welcome in her home country and definately not in ours!

Sir Paul, your better off! Long live the Beetles!

2380 days ago


The pic in this story shows the only reason the marriage lasted 4 years. Plus she has no gag reflex.

2380 days ago


She has to be the most high priced hooker in history.

2380 days ago


why does everyone hate her so much?? I don't get what she's done so wrong, paul is the one that wanted the divorce from what i've heard he only wanted the divorce because he heard that she had pictures of herself from a long long time ago that were provocative, I guess who knows, what go's on behind closed doors. but she seems nice, just because she wants money from the marraige everyone hates her...EVERYONE always wants money from a marriage if it falls apart, she's not the only one.

2380 days ago


I understand she is also reviled and despised in the myriad of other galaxies which populate the known universe. Of course, this is clearly not a surprise.

2380 days ago


I hope TMZ keeps up with the donations to all the charities she plans on supporting. Like she is really going to do it.
That won't buy the gold digger any friends in America.

2380 days ago


TMZ check your numbers because in your own clip the number is 24 million not 16 million pounds and unless CNN, Fox News and The Guardian are wrong in listing 24 million you need to update. Surprising since you are usually right on...

2380 days ago


I feel sorry for their daughter having to put up with her. Notice how she always refers to the child as her daughter. Apparently Paul didn't have anything to do with it. Hmmmmmmmmmm

2380 days ago
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