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"Idols" Go Diva Once They Get Home

3/18/2008 6:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The "American Idol" kids might be all aw-shucks on the air, but they're a lot more oh-no-you-didn't when the cameras stop rolling!

This year's crop of "Idol" finalists, according to spies at the apartment complex where they're all sequestered, "act like they're stars already" and are definitely "not nice" to the staff at the building -- and complain a lot about things like a little construction going on at the complex. "They're always hiding like they're special," we're told, and they're very aloof, especially compared to last year's crew, which was much nicer.

And it's not just their personalities that are a little ugly -- our spies snipe that they "look like sh*t" when they leave in the mornings at 7 AM. Let's be honest though -- and ya'll have seen us on TMZ on TV -- who doesn't?


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hot snot    

this season sucks. i have officially quit watching

it's that Amanda that ruined it all for me. No style, can't sing, and obviously doesn't own a mirror

2346 days ago

Micho Rizzo    

First beeeeeatches!

2346 days ago

Grandmother Lohan    

Burn the building down then!!

2346 days ago


Karma will always win.

2346 days ago


idol sucks this year... let them enjoy thier 15 minutes... you'll soon be forgotten!

2346 days ago


eh, if there was construction going on where i live and it was disrupting my sleep (of which the idols don't get much) i'd complain, too.

2346 days ago


where is the AI apartment complex?

2346 days ago


WOW, I just farted.
At least I THINK that was a fart...
Hmmm, do farts have lumps??
Awe man, why does this keep happening to me!??

2346 days ago


Maybe they HAVE to hide because the second they come out, YOU PEOPLE are there asking vulgar questions and taking pictures of them before they've gotten dressed. This crew is a lot more famous than last year's crew. Last year was the worst! Nobody cared!

2346 days ago

victor vicdin    

Sure, names of idols or real examples....just made it up, for all we know. If you have facts, that might be interesting, but not this crap. Gee....some might start to think this is a pretty sleazy website if this is all you have

2346 days ago


I don't think this is made up. I totally know attitudes when I see them.With a few rare exceptions, most people on AI fade away after a year or so. I be nobody can name the top ten from last year(except the top three) Haley whats-her-name, Phil somebody, Gina (???)

2346 days ago


Enjoy your 15 minutes people.... I know Fox keeps saying this is the most talented season yet but I am not thinking that at all. I totally believe this story. Brooke is the only one with star quality in my opinion!

2346 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

Yah I could see Amanda O and David C kicking some a$$ and bullying the Bldg staff..

2346 days ago

Dark Knight    

The worst part of Idol this year is having to listen to Ryan Seacrest say, "This is the most talented group we've ever had" after almost every commercial break. It is nowhere near the most talented. And I think they know that and that's why the whole cast keeps saying that. They figure if they say it enough the public will start to believe it. Let America decide how talented they are, don't tell us. I don't see a star anywhere in the group. A couple of them have already had their chance, the public didn't like them before, they won't like them now. And just look at all the past idols that have been dropped from their record labels. The future isn't as bright as it used to be for Idol participants. I agree with the others, it's 15 minutes of fame and no more.

2346 days ago


It IS a great bunch of singers but David C. acts like a smug rock star, Amanda let it slip that she thinks in terms of "Her Show", (a bit premature as Simon pointed out), I'm not buying Brooke's innocent/modest act, or Ramielle's either, and David A. acts like he's so surprised at the applause, but he's been on Star Search, has entertained publicly and professionally, and has had a record release before he made it onto American Idol this season. C'mon! American Idol hasn't revealed that many of these contestants were already professionals. I think Carrie is the real deal. David A. is vocally the most polished, and David C. although smug, could be on the radio today. Chikezie Also is the real deal and FULL of ENERGY and originality.
I hope it comes down to David A., Chikeze, and Carrie as the final 3. DID CARRIE GIVE ANY OF YOU THE CHILLS SINGING "BLACKBIRD" TONIGHT??? She did at our house.

2346 days ago
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