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Mariah -- You Think I'm a "Ditzy Moron"?

3/18/2008 8:29 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mariah CareyMariah Carey understands why you might call her a "ditzy moron" – she's a big talent with an equally big propensity for being a blousy bimbo.

"It's a dichotomy, I understand," she tells Allure. "I understand that people think I am a ditzy moron." And her self-awareness doesn't end there. "I've always had really low self-esteem, and I still do. What's weird about that is being onstage, and the love that you get ... It's hard for a partner to compete."

Indeed, she says if she marries again, she'll do so in the family – the showbiz family. "That's a big deal for me," says Mimi.

Good Thing LiLo Ditched This Ex-Pal

Lindsay Lohan has been trying to ditch some of the bad influences on her past lives, and one of them – music guy Jeremy Geffen – turns out to be seriously bad news.

Geffen, who's not related to David, was arrested by the LAPD over the weekend on suspicion of three sexual assaults involving two 16-year-old girls, according to the LA Times. The alleged assault happened at nightclubs and at Geffen's West Hollywood house. His attorney says he's innocent.

"We knew he was bad news," a Lohan friend tells the New York Post. "And now we have proof."

Party Favors: Hugh Grant Laying Low After Spitzer Hooker Scandal ... Punky Has Another Little Brewster ... Christian Bale Wants to Do Another "Batman"?

In the Dept. of Good PR Moves: Hugh Grant, one of celebdom's more famous johns, has been conspicuously hidden from public view, says the New York Daily News, to avoid having to answer all those pesky pap questions about Eliot Spitzer. ... Soleil Moon Frye –- that's Punky Brewster, of course –- makes children of the Eighties feel especially old today, announcing that she's had her second child with husband Jason Goldberg, a girl, reports People. Punkz is 31, and owns an eco-friendly baby boutique. ... Christian Bale tells that he could very well don the pointy mask and cape once again. "Knowing the Dark Knight story, I would like very much to complete a trilogy."


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Lenn K.    

I picture Mariah alone someday with a bunch of cats and old newspapers.

2380 days ago


I love reading about Mariah and Lilo. But in regards to the gay bashing that Amy Sedaris engineered with her straight friends Bryan Dinello and Victor Barley, in which they secretly videotaped this poor unsuspecting gay dude giving head to Victor so they could post the tape on Xtube and send it out to friends of Amy’s like Steve Carell and Jim Carey and David Letterman to show how funny Amy is, there were some other event planned too as part of the overall scheme. In fact, the entire operation was given the name of "Operation Ramrod" by Amy and Bryan last August, and the goal of it was, through this series of events, to come as close to creating a situation approximating rape as was possible without actually committing a rape. The slogan of the operation was, "Putting the sensual back into non-consensual sex." This concept might actually come from the horror genre or from Daniel Dinello, a filmmaker based in Chicago who specializes in horror stories.

2380 days ago


Lindsay, Birds of a feather..........................................

2380 days ago


Hey Mariah.
Here's some advice. You don't make your partner compete for anything.
Thats why they're called PARTNERS.

Clearly shes another egotistical control freak like britney who can't keep a man and blames everyone but the real culprit, herself.

2380 days ago


I wish TMZ would print better story on Mariah Carey she IS an AMERICAN TREASURE!

2380 days ago


She has ALSO done a LOT to help many a young lady. SHOW HER SOME LOVE ALREADY!

2380 days ago

La Cre    

C. Bale is the best Batman ever created! All of his movies are the BOMB. Equilibrium was off the chain, yo!

2380 days ago


Fifi has low self esteem? Please, she is annoying and ugly. She can't sing. Most conceitec b*tch ever

2379 days ago

it takes a molester    

Mariah always wears dresses that are shorter than most of the younger Hollywood actresses. She also likes to wear cleavage baring outfits like she is trying to compete with Pam Anderson for an award in the most trashily dressed category.

2379 days ago


Bale is the best Batman ever created

2362 days ago

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