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Alba: Her Fetus Is Not the Only Thing Growing

3/19/2008 1:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Thanks to a gestating baby, Alba's got front and some serious back -- but she's not exactly basking in that pregnancy glow.

Despite a relaxing manicure and back massage yesterday afternoon, the unwed mom-to-be was bitchy to the paps.


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NO respect, no morals, no class, and no consideration for a woman that is pregnant. TMZ staffers and readers at their finest - a bunch of ass-clowns...

2378 days ago

Dave the pig    

Yomamma, you are trash from the barrios. Stick to your bleach blonde hair, penciled eyebrow and that brown liner you like to place on your nasty lips biatch ........ chola ....

2378 days ago


Fake, fake, fake!

2378 days ago


A little loose in the Caboose. ; )

2378 days ago


Clearly the "clever" TMZ writer who wrote about her growing assets (pun intended- and not to make a jab or make fun either) but CLEARLY they have NEVER been pregnant. She is in fact, probably in better shape than a lot of people out there, famous or not, who ARE pregnant, or even worse, those who are NOT pregnant. I thought it was plain rude of the papsmears to be chuckling and laughing and pointing attention to someone having a little baby wieght on them because heyre pregnant. And for the person who said " What's she gonna look like at 8 months?" I saw her being interviewed on the red carpet at the oscars and she was JUST under 7 months... so she's NEARLY at term now idjit and at 8 mos.

2378 days ago


LMAO #33... everyone get ready for the "friend of a friend" stories.... those are the classics. let me guess, and your sisters, friend's cousin's, aunt's, grandmother's "the catwoman" LMAO

2378 days ago

Over It Already    

Yo, # 15 - she isn't ashamed of being pregnant... she's sick of her picture being taken... I'm sure when you were proud and blessed, you didn't have 50 photogs taking pictures of your backside... Jesus people... give Ms. Alba a break. Oh that's right, women (and the male comment-ers should keep this in mind since if it wasn't for a pregnant woman, you all wouldn't be here) are supposed to ALWAYS look like a size 0 regardless if they're with child or not, right? Lighten up folks... or rather, wake up and get off of your ignorant butts (which I'm fairly sure are magazine cover material now or have never been). Keep giving 'em crap Jessica.... this broad is with you.

2378 days ago

No Respect for you!    

That's great! LMFAO! She is the biggest b1tch and now she has the butt to match her personality! I hope she never loses that weight. Would serve her right!

2378 days ago


she is fat and boring. geez. baby got bored.

2378 days ago

Dave the pig    

No respect for you, just because you are left with a cellulite ridden azz and stretched up skin doesn't mean that you have to go around wishing the same happens to someone else.

No respect for you, you depressed T W A T - save some money and get yourself fixed.

Fix that stretched up poon while you're at it!

2378 days ago

spread the love    

i have just lowered the flag to of the world's truly great backsides has just morphed into the J-Lo zone. How sad. I am thinking back to just last year when TMZ was showing the beach photos with her crawling on the chair. What a difference a year makes! Here's to hoping that Jalba will be hitting the gym in a few months....


2378 days ago


Dayum. I have never seen a butt grow out like that. I know plenty of pregnant women and their booties don't get that big. Big in the front..

2378 days ago


God, what a big ass.

2378 days ago


She is Latina, what do you expect? I can say that because my dad is Colombian and we get the big booty when we are pregnant and unfortunately keep it for the remainder of our lives! Some guys really like it!

2378 days ago


I didn't know that. I got heavy when I was pregnant, but my weight was up front. I guess it is how you carry.

2378 days ago
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