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Heath's Family Fights Over Actor's Money

3/19/2008 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's a sad coda to a terrible tragedy: Heath Ledger's uncles and dad are squabbling over the late actor's estate, with the uncles trying to wrest control of his assets from Heath's dad Kim.

People reports that the uncles claim that Kim Ledger plunged their own grandfather's estate into "enormous debt" – and they're worried that the same thing will happen to Heath's considerable estate. They say they're only worried about Matilda – and Kim has said that Heath's little girl "will be taken care of."

News reports say that Kim was removed as executor of his grand-dad's estate by the Australian Supreme Court.

Did Courtney Pimp Kurt Out for Converse?

A limited edition Converse sneaker featuring designs inspired by Kurt Cobain's drawings and writings are about to hit stores, and you'll never guess who's helping push 'em – yep, Courtney Love.

Even though she shrieked like a banshee when Doc Martens tried to use her late husband's image to sell their shoes, The Daily Swarm reports that the Cobain Converses are being produced "with the full cooperation and approval" of Courtney. The design elements are being taken from sketches and scribblings that were published in 2002's "Journals."

Party Favors: "Work Out's" Warner Will Make You Eat That Bar! ... Cowell Gives Big Bucks to Cancer Patient ... Halle Names Her Kid Pretty, Continuous Name ... Candy – Tori Makes My Purse Shake!

TMZ hears that Jackie Warner, the butt-kicking star trainer of Bravo's "Work Out," will be pumping out her own brand of shakes and protein bars in April. Guess what? That just happens to be when Season Three of the show preems ... Of course he's not all ice and spice: Simon Cowell gave an amazing $162,000 to the family of a 3-year-old cancer patient to help them pay off their mortgage, he said on Sunday on "Oprah's Big Give." ... Halle Berry resisted the temptation to name her kid after a fruit or something similarly scarring. says the child has been called Nahla Ariela Aubry. ... It looks like with the impending birth of her second grandkid coming, things are chill between Candy Spelling and daughter Tori, though Candy, in the Huffington Post, still maintains, "Even surgery doesn't shield mothers of famous children from their escapades."


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Halles baby name is cute! Nahla, like from the "Lion King". Congratulations!

2407 days ago


What a stewwwwwpid ass question!!! OF COURSE THE GREEDY DRUG ADDICT DID!!!!!!!!!!!

2407 days ago


I hate when TMZ tries to twist a story,

Originally posted Wednesday March 19, 2008 07:00 PM EDT,,20185105,00.html

**Heath Ledger's uncles are speaking out against his father Kim's handling of the actor's assets, saying Kim has a bad track record of estate management. Ledger's father so mishandled the management of their grandfather's estate 15 years ago in Australia that Kim was removed as executor, the uncles claim

**Ledger's uncle Mike insists the family has nothing to gain by removing Kim: "Our only vested interest is to assure that Matilda is well looked after." Mike added that Kim's recent statement that Matilda "will be taken care of" was not enough assurance. "When you are talking about large sums of money like this," he says, "it should be an independent executor, but Kim hasn't chosen that way."

**Williams's Father Raises Questions
Another of Kim's brothers, Hayden, tells PEOPLE that Williams's father, Larry, asked him if Kim was capable of managing the actor's estate. "I just said, 'No, not if he handles it like ours,' " he says.

**The bitter dispute among the brothers dates back more than 15 years, when Kim became an executor of their grandfather Sir Frank Ledger's estate, which they estimate was worth about $2 million in the mid 1980s. The family patriarch was a respected engineer in Perth.

According to the newspaper The Australian, Frank's daughters filed a motion in Supreme Court asking to have Kim removed as the executor. The submission to the court stated that Kim's handling of his grandfather's estate "placed the assets at risk." A report in Australia's The Sunday Times says that a Supreme Court judge eventually removed Kim from overseeing the estate.

People reported that Heaths dad put the estate in debt and they feel an independant executor should be in charge, and yes one should if his dad has no money sence, he was able to loose 2 million dollars before and Heaths daughter should be the sole heir to his estate. If Michelles dad also has doubts then there is more to whats going on behind the scenes than is being reported, I hope they can all resolve this without a fight, but it probably will end up in court . I still dont understand WHY Heath did not revise his will when his daughter was born, that should have been the first thing he did after she was brought home from the hospital.

2407 days ago

Lenn K.    

Now that the body is cold, let fight over the money. Heath's family is just like alot of families where money trumps love. Pretty name for Halle's baby girl. By the way, isn't Countney Love broke?

2407 days ago


Halle Berry's daughter resisted the temptation to name her kid....

nice writing TMZ staff, I didn't realize that Halle Berry's 2 day old child had already gotten pregnant and delivered. Get a decent editior.

2407 days ago


I read this story about Heaths dad robbing the family blind with gramps money. I don't blame the family for trying to get him out. If the guy was decent, he would just give the money to Michelle NOW!

2407 days ago


ugh.. I hate Courtney Love! I hope Kurt comes back and haunts her, somehow making her crazier than she already is

2407 days ago


Kurt Cobain had to kill himself to get away from Courtney Love. She chased him down and got knocked up so he would marry her to further her own career. She has already sold off a lot of Kurt's catalog to support her lavish lifestyle, drug habit and boyfriends that steal from her. By the time Frances Bean Cobain is old enough to inherit from her father's will be gone. Kurt's ashes are doing flip flops in protest of what this skank has done with HIS money.

2407 days ago


Oh come on Candy, "even plastic surgery won't shield mother's of famous children from their escapades"! When was the last time you looked in the mirror long and hard and thought about ALL your escapades????? Either be a mother and grandmother or go away!

2407 days ago


Legally, shouldn't Heath Ledgers estate go to his daughter now. Since she wasn't even born when he wrote his will, I would assume that he would have wanted her to get everything. His father should just give it all to her and not act like he will take care of her. As a mother I would know that my child would have wanted me to do that. If Heath's father keeps the money I would think that it would be for his own selfish reasons, he would know better. He knows how much Heath loved his little girl.

2407 days ago

she smiled    

It's obvious that his family is going to fight over that money and that they won't be giving a proper share to Matilda. . Good luck to all them.

And regarding Kurt, come on tmz there is a big difference between making a deal to use someone's image and the person giving consent and making a deal before hand. Doc Marten tried to steal the image without permission. You guys know there is a big difference there.

2407 days ago



2407 days ago


It's interesting that someone does good like Cowell giving alot of money and TMZ barely gives it a couple sentences; however, he offends someone, they'll give him 2 paragraphs.....definitely a dirt site.

2407 days ago


C. love was figthing with dave grohl about the rights to Nirvana's music, right? I forgot what the fight was about
she must be broke and needs a fix!

2407 days ago

Grandmother Lohan    

Man the widow Cobain has sunk even lower!
What a skank!
I would only buy a pair of these sneakers to stomp her
ugly, zit marked, pasty, junkie withdrawn, doesn't have
a spec of the talent Kurt had face in!
She doesn't deserve any of this!!
She and Heather Mills should get together!
Courtney, please just go away.

2407 days ago
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