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Seal to Paps -- You're Scum

3/19/2008 10:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Seal went nuclear on the paps last night -- calling them "scum," "cockroaches" and blaming them for "ruining people's lives."

It all started as Seal and Heidi Klum left Madeo restaurant last night, when a pap told Seal he liked his music. Who's out of line? Watch the video and vote. Don't be shy -- we know you won't.


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I agree with Seal- yall only report mean things and make fun of pregnant women. I believe in karma, yall will get whats coming to you.

2377 days ago


all of you talking bad about that paps doesnt make sense...why are you on this website right now? and seal makes millions of dollars if i did i'd deal with the paps. hes the douche

2376 days ago


The Photogs should JUST take pictures, and NOT talk to, try to shake hands with, give items to, the celebs.

2376 days ago

pooket mccoy    

before stars become famous, they would jump off a bridge for publicity, then they make it big, and piss on the fans who buy their music, movies or whatever. being famous will get cameras in your face. think real hard about the money they make and the life they get to enjoy. i do not feel sorry for anyone of them. for the people who take up for them, next time your having a hard time paying your bills on what little you have to live on, lets see how you feel now. they have the best of the best. i love tmz, and for all i care , you can stick the cameras up their _ _ _ _ _!

2376 days ago


Seal and Heidi both make the CHOICE to become famous.
They scraped and clawed their way to the middle.
Being photographed is part of their CHOICE, whether they like it or not.
They KNEW that would happen, going in. And their MASSIVE egos said, "Oh, I'll like that part too!"

Seal has shown his true colors.
He has zero understanding of how show-business works.
He erupts in anger, which is nothing but weakness.

They and their children can pack up and leave.
Africa's a good locale; I'll pay, first-class, one-way...

2376 days ago


Seal is TOTALLY the douchebag! What's his problem anyway? Notice how he was ignoring the lady to the left holding a pen and paper just hoping for an autograph. He felt it was more important to spew a tirade against the photographers taking his picture. These celebrities need to understand that the paparazzi are taking pictures FOR THE FANS!! If it weren't for the fans, people like Seal wouldn't have the wealth that they do. They should be smiling pretty for the cameras if you ask me. Just because he sings good, doesn't give him the right to the kind of wealth that he has. He, and other snobby celebrities, should be appreciative.

2376 days ago

big balls    

white women love me because i'm pretty

2376 days ago


When you choose fame you choose exposure to the world. Fame is a CHOICE and I would safely say the celebs all know what's in store for them when they reach their goals. In the old days the studios MADE you do PR they bitterly complain about it. Could it be like the Tv show "Dirt"? Where they're all so privately warped that they're afraid it will "get out"? In any case, if Seal disliked the Paps so much he could've bowed out of that situation with a grace instead of calling names and being rude.

2376 days ago


Tell it like it is seal!!!

2376 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Oh HELL YEAH!!! Way to bring it Seal! No falling for the 'Breeetney, weee Luuv UUU!' bullcrap flattery! He just laid it out! I wish more celebs would do this!

2376 days ago


Ya know i'm not gonna call seal a bad name or the paps. I believe hee was upset at the paps due to all the hossible stuff that goes on in mags and maybe none of us know about. I'm not gonna whine and say he doesn't have the right to feel as he does...Know one knows what it is like to be looked at 24/7 through a camera here unless they're a star...I do feel though that when you're on the red carpet etc you have to be ncie and love and accept your fans and not be rude. But when these people are out with their famlies etc...People/paps shouldn't expect them to always be nice and open. There's a time and place for everything. One major thing....People act like the rich deserve no respect! Any good person deserves respect and privacy...That's the bottom line. "

2376 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Most of you idiots who make stupid comments about the mark on his face are too stupid to know that these are tribal markings cut into his face as part of a ritual for where he came from. They are not to sbow any pain response when this is done. something you wusses would be incapable of doing.

2376 days ago


Post # 81

(pushing buzzer) BEEEEEEP... That is Incorrect.

2376 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Seal also did not grow up in the media obsessed environment of America. I seriously doubt when he started singing, he ever planned this outcome. The man was singing on the streets to survive and even to eat before he became famous. I saw him in a small, intimate, upscale venue just before he became really big and he was super cool! He took time to talk with the audience like he was in a room full of friends. His voice, guitar playing, and his open humility were all powerful and real! Everybody that was walking out of the concert was talking about how blown away they were by his talent and also his friendliness. I have been a fan ever since! He is one of the few celebs I admire for not only their talent, but for the person they are!

2376 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

BEEEEEEEEEEEEP!!! My2cents sounds like a stupid, ignorant, racial wussy! Don't worry a-hole, you're not fooling anyone.

2376 days ago
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