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Ashley Dupre - Even Wilder Than "Wild"

3/20/2008 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ashley Alexandra Dupre made a big impression on Eliot Spitzer – but she was a major head-turner (and eyebrow-raiser) well before that, shocking even the guys of "Girls Gone Wild."

The Palm Beach Post reports that back in 2003, Dupre – who went by the nom de hoochie "Amber" for "GGW" – went even further for Joe Francis' cameras than they expected, hopping up on a table "in the middle of a hotel lobby crammed with fratboys," and "launched into a raunchy strip-tease."

Said Ashley at the time, "It got crazy. It was everything you thought it would be. It's not stupid to do it. It's all fun and games." Until someone loses their Governorship.

Did Mills Really Give Away "Dancing" $$?

Before Heather Mills toppled her way off "Dancing with the Stars," she had talked about donating money from the show to animal rights groups.

But, as FOX News points out, Mills actually gave less than half of her $220,000 fee to VIVA USA. Of course, that's still $100,000 – plenty of cash – but she had made it pretty clear that she was donating all of the dough to VIVA before the show.

The revelation was part of the scathing 58-page judgment that the judge in her divorce-settlement case made on Monday.

Party Favors: Conan O'Brien Cooks Up St. Patty's Stew? ... Boston Mom Still Claims Oprah Ripped Her Off ... Ali Landry Goes Brazilian at Mosci ... This Is Going to Be Kind of Amazing Dept.: Ice-T and Coco at Plumm

Good Housekeeping magazine recently had a recipe for a St. Patrick's Day stew that was the culinary brainchild of Conan O'Brien. Wee problem, says MSNBC: O'Brien says he's "never cooked anything" in his life. The mag says it's sorry about the mix-up, and is inviting him to take a cooking class. ... Oprah Winfrey is still taking fire from a Boston woman who says she had the idea for "Oprah's Big Give." Darlene Tracy already had her claim thrown out by a Boston judge, but has filed an appeal, report Rush & Molloy. ... TMZ spies spotted former Miss USA Ali Landry at trendy Melrose Ave. boutique Mosci picking up Brazilian bikinis for her personal swimsuit competition! ... Ice-T never lets a chance to flaunt his lady Coco go by, and tonight will be no different, as the rapper celebrates Coco's birthday at The Plumm -- and he'll also be amping up her recent appearance in Playboy. And you know what that means.


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She went in for the kill. What did she have to offer charities before she got his cash? Those charity events are like shooting fish in a barrel & full of predetors like her. Waiting to pounce on vulnerable wealthy men and woman.
If anybody sees her at these events...know that it is Paul's money that is helping them. She is there for her own benefit.

You can dress her up...but she is still a low life whore!!!!!!

2416 days ago


So the hooker is also slut. Who knew??

2416 days ago



2416 days ago

Funny Answers    

Oprah is the Queen of the World, just ask her. Not a fan at all, I believe her to be fake but her Zombies will follow her anywhere. I hope I live long enough to see her fail. That is a sad thing to say, but no one loves her as much as she loves herself. Every idea is hers', all the things she donates are her, but lets look at the money people donate into the Angel Network, she takes credit for that too. When she donates the Angel network money she does not say it is from there, it is from her personal monies. Does that mean the money is put into her accouts??? Just a questions, not a claim. No one can win against her until the women/and some men wake up to who she really is, a self serving individual. Obama is her current lust, so she will back him all the way, and her followers will do her biding. I have not liked her since she told about going to a p.j. party at Mia home and had to stop at a hotel. They clearly had a sign posted that no dogs allowed. She raised cain, then went to another place to stay. The next show she smerked that she got them fired for not providing Oprah and her dogs a place to stay. That was 8 or 9 years ago. Ask those people if she is the person you follower think of her. I believe she stold that idea, but won't pay. Some day,....

2416 days ago


Mucca is a high class prostitute who just happened to nail a rich man. Paul was grieving over Linda at the time and his judgement was "clouded" Mucca took advantage of that. The British papers have outed her as a high priced call girl who use to service rich Arabs. She has tried her damndest to taint Paul McCartney's image by saying he hit Linda while they were married and how misreable Linda was during the marriage. I suppose she was so misreable thats why they stayed married for 29 years and only spent one week apart from one another. I was hoping so much that Sir Paul had found another timeless love. Too bad it didn't work out for him. I was hoping the judge would see thru Mucca's lies and he did. The woman is vile and we DON'T need her in the USA

2416 days ago


I hope Heather Mills dies

2416 days ago


It not coincidence TMZ put these two losers together. Heather is a greedy, psycho liar. Ashley or whatever name of the day she is going by today makes me feel dirty just living in New Jersey.

2416 days ago


no peice of a$$ s worth 1000 bucks an hour. I'v been with some realy attractive chicks and most of them only cost me diner and a good time. now my wife is a different story, but then she's worth marrying.

2416 days ago


It's all fun until you find yourself on the ho stroll. Shouldn't this ho be going to the pokey for prostitution? Instead her John has paid a huge price and she is fielding million dollar offers left and right and turning them down as too low. Superhead move over. You got real competition now. Look for her on the red carpet with some athlete or rap star soon.

2416 days ago


She plan to rob Paul long time ago, I wish she should lost an other leg, let some one push her around.

2416 days ago


She plan to rob Paul long time ago, I wish she lost another leg, let some body push her around.

2416 days ago

It' OK Buddy    

The kind of Face that makes you wish Birth Control was Retro-Active!

The Face That launched a Thousand Lunches!

With a Face Like That...Who needs a Flesh Eating Bacteria?

Last Time I saw A Face Like That...It Was Swimming Upstream To Spawn!

Last Time I Saw A Mouth That Big....It Had A Hook And Half a Minnow In It!

Hey Heather! PETA Called.....Your Drivers License Photo Is A Copyright Infringement!

Of course, I wouldn't want to say anything to insult her so I'll just say nothing at all.........

2416 days ago


She is the best example of golddigger and Paul is the epitome of an OLD FOOL.

2416 days ago


To bad it was just a motorcycle..and not a Mack truck!

2416 days ago


Heather (slut) made roughly $1500 hr to spread her legs...not bad...oh I mean leg...

2416 days ago
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