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Amanda Overmyer Is THAT Famous?

3/22/2008 7:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ousted "Idol" finalist Amanda Overmyer made her way through LAX this morning -- with the help of a security escort. She needs a security escort? Really?

Amanda told our camera guy she's not surprised she got the boot -- she didn't even vote for herself! Well, at least she has good taste.


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i thought she really had a good outlook towards things, but as i thought what was gonna happen, her voice would just be sounding the same each week. good luck in all u do.

2402 days ago


Listen TMZ. Amanda can sing. She is not really pop LOL. She seems more like a rock/or/industrial girl. All she needs is a recording studio and she is famous. Idol really helped her get people aware of her, now she doesnt need them.

2402 days ago


Sorry to See Amanda go, she was a breath of raw, bluzy-soul. Hope she does well, she has her own Fan Base that Love her and a lot of new Fans. I would go to see her. She should go see that Wild and Crazy Lounge Singer DiVado, check it out
He is awesome. !!! Good Luck Amanda, get DiVado to sing with you, !!!

2402 days ago


GOOD LUCK AMANDA, those on this site that say bad and hurtful things are just jelous of you and your talent. I like it and am sorry that you are gone. I do not understand why people are so mean. Perhaps if all started to say nice things about each other, this world would be a nicer place. ALL OF YOU who say mean things. Try and say Nice things and nice things can happen to you. I am sharing a funny video with you so enjoy it. Don't be Mean, Be nice. Thanks check this out

2402 days ago


Many of Amanda's songs were unique to be sure and I loved some of them. Her only downfall was that she had one style and she applied it to every song. Had she varied her style she might have made it even further. Her opening piece on her last show showed that she could do other things and do them well. Too little, too late. Reading these comments shows me that none of the commenters would have made it on to American Idol unless "IDOL" was spelled "IDLE".

2402 days ago

I don't believe in sky genies    

So she understood that she was the least talented one in the top 12. Give her credit for not wanting to knock out any of the other contestants. She will do better on her state fair bar band tour than she would on the AI tour.

2402 days ago


The people that say Amanda Overmyer can't sing, are the same people that buy every new pop music CD that comes out. OF COURSE ya don't like her, ya bunch of douchebags-she's an ORIGINAL! I think the fact that she didn't vary her style speaks volumes of her character. Amanda isn't going to be making music for empty headed teenagers-I see this girl making REAL music, for REAL people, for a long long time.

2402 days ago


Guaranted we will hear from her again - great voice!!!

2402 days ago


If Amanda was that bad she sure wouldn't have made it to the top 12. She is a unique and one of a kind lady. She DARES to be herself and not just one of the rest. She has apparently been crapped on for being a unique person by many and chooses not to join the masses and clones. David Cook is also a stand out and different, but told he is arrogant, etc by the most arrogant of them all - Simon. Since Simon can't sing and can't dance and can't, can't, can't and laughs at everyone and puts them down, maybe he should go off and live in a cave somewhere - actually I think he's really gay which is why he acts the way he does to others who are and accuses others of being gay every chance he gets. And you all probably LOVE Archuleta who in my opinion is a complete fraud. Yes he can sing. So can all the others. He just stands there week after week without really PERFORMING. The others are critized for standing and not performing. He is very very contest saavy and has everything mapped out by his manager who is on the outside watching and telling him how and what to sing. He has this down to a science. The judges just keep telling him how wonderful he is and he laughs all the way to the top along with Daddy Dear and the unsuspecting nation voting for him.

2402 days ago


Sounds like Eva Longoria when Desperate Housewives had just begun to air, she tried pulling that at a local airport here in TX. She had off-duty police with her from the time she got to the airport til the time she went through security, after security she had an airport officer with her to keep people away from her so she wouldn't be asked for an autograph or picture. Sad thing is that no one even knew who she was much less paid that much attention to her!!

2402 days ago


aolv you have no idea what its like to stand on a stage and have people screaming for you. archaleta is 16 and giggles because he is bubbling over with excitement when they cheer for him. its simple to see.

2402 days ago


the simple fact that all the people who "hate" her, take the time to comment... regardless of her outcome, you are making her a bigger star with the attention. If you people really don't like her, then dont comment.

i could care less myself... AI isnt where i look to for my music... i have much better taste, and respect music too much.

2402 days ago


Man!!!!!! You guys are CRUEL! I'm glad you are not judging me!! Remember, you reap what you sow!!!

2402 days ago


so full of herself

2402 days ago


Smartest contestant to ever be on American Idol. After Simon's critique the last time around, she called American Idol out for what it is, followed by the most phenomenal self-promotion I have ever seen on the show. WORK IT. Everyone calm down about her hair--she'll get a stylist and go on to do her own thing and make tons of money.

2402 days ago
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