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Dupre and GGW: A Match Made in "Wild" Heaven

3/22/2008 2:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Alexandra DupreJoe Francis is giving away a DVD of "Hookers Gone Wild" -- featuring America's favorite working girl, Ashley Dupre. Wouldn't "Call Girls Gone Wild" have been a better title?

The DVD will come free with the premiere issue of his new mag. Francis tells E!'s Chelsea Handler, "We could release it on the internet. The problem with the internet, the minute we put it up there, even if we're charging, it's out." You mean like this?

The video in question was shot in 2003 when Dupre spent her 18th birthday partying with the GGW bus crew. The fact that she went on from there to become a high-priced call girl is just shocking.


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Black Teef    

FIRST BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH, BABY! YEAH!!!!!!

2405 days ago

Ashley Simpson    

Joe Francis is a rapist and a sodomite!

2405 days ago


I wish they would just SHUT UP about it. The girl's 15 needs to be up. She's basically getting the message that eveerythign she did was ok cuz now shes gonna eb a star for it. That's sick and a real nice message to send tp everyone!

2405 days ago


Life in the fast lane .

2405 days ago

name withheld    

who gives a flying wha?

Big effing deal.

This is the way america works, if ya don't know

pick up yer local yellow pages

2405 days ago


Ah, the great ironies of life. White men who rule the boardroom, yet are so scared and timid in the bedroom that they must PAY women to be with them (you understand that level of pathetic insecurity, don't you Harvey). And white women -- given every opportunity in life, yet too lazy and stupid to do anything other than spead their legs to make a dollar. Excuse me, I meant a THOUSAND dollars. I suppose we are applying the 2008 rationale that so long as the dollar amount is high enough, there is no activity that should be frowned upon. By all means. let's make this young, uh, LADY, a star since she made a lot of MONEY by selling her vajayjay. Surely that is the only standard of measurement in our warped society.

2405 days ago


"Hookers Gone Wild" is the appropriate title not "Call Girls Gone Wild" as you suggested. The term hooker is much dirtier than a call girl. Why don't you idiots stick to what you are doing and take pictures. Stop elaborating on what you think something SHOULD be called you bunch of wanna-bees.

2405 days ago


yeah, but no amount of money in the world can buy self-respect.

she's just a rich dumb whore, and always will be.

2405 days ago

name withheld    


Harvey Levin is a superb journalist who has been in the biz for over 20 years.

I love Harvey.

I love TMZ.

And Harvey does not pay for sex, he is gay and there are too many gays.

Only senators on the DL pay for gay sex.

Alas, escorts are a slim market. But they are a special breed. Exceptionally insight on the workings of every persons brain.

And trust, the real loser is the one who pays, not the girl.

Cuz, that girl ran a scam on his ass so good, she got national recognition.

And when you are done hookin, you can just go into psychology.

OOPS! i mean blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2405 days ago

name withheld    

BTW the US dollar is down quite a bit in international markets

2405 days ago


Why is this rapist and pedophile Joe Francis allowed to distribute and sell video like this of a 17 year old? Shouldn't he be arrested again? It's amazing how the media has ignored that Ashley was underage just so they can continue to roll this tape. She wasn't 18 and Joe Francis and the media know this! Poor girl. She just can't get away from the pedophiles, pimps and pushers can she? They're everywhere including in the media!

2405 days ago


2405 days ago


Her pimp went on FOXNEWS and stated she had 80-100 clients per week? I'm a freelance web designer/ part-time Craigslist cyber whore who charged 350.00 per half hour. Anyhoo, what about taxes? I guess she hates America because she had not claimed any money on her profession

2405 days ago

name withheld    

NOBODY has 80 tp 100 clients a week. Ms. dupre can only dream. She took 1-2 per day and that would be all.

Keep on with your BS

2405 days ago


I just LOVE the idea that there someone in the organization that had the intellect to say, "you know, instead of giving her a million dollars you might want to run her name through the archive. I mean she is a whore."

That person needs a raise.

2405 days ago
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