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Ryan - I Never Boinked Britney!

3/22/2008 10:03 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ryan Phillippe says that he never did it with Britney Spears last year – or any of a slew of starlets he was rumored to have hooked up with after his divorce from Reese Witherspoon.

Under stiff interrogation from Howard Stern on his radio show, Ryan denied having made out with the Britster, and also nixed any notion that he had hooked up with Ashlee Simpson, Jennifer Love Hewitt, or Angelina Jolie. But he did admit that Lindsay Lohan "wanted" him.

Meanwhile, in the realm of real relationships, Ryan acknowledged that Reese's boy Jake is "a good dude" and says he wants his ex "to be happy, and it seems like she is."

Jessica's Papa Joe – Lookin' for Love?

While Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo heat it up – ok, at Six Flags, but it's somethin' – it looks like things could be a lot rockier for Jess' folks Joe and Tina.

The New York Post says the pair haven't been spotted together in months – TMZ just spotted him out solo, giving Tony the silent treatment – and just the other night, he was at a party in Austin, Tex. Without his wedding ring on and cruising the room, according to a spy. Sad thing is, Papa Joe got shut down: "He was flirting with one group of girls who either didn't know who he was or didn't care, and just grabbed their drinks, laughed and walked away."

His rep didn't return the Post's calls.

Party Favors: Heather Mills Really Won't Shut Up ... Beatles Sue to Keep Ringo's First Gig Silent ... Senator Pothole – TV's Next Judge?

Heather Mills just won $50 mil from Paul McCartney – but she won't go away and shut the eff up. After the judge in her divorce case eviscerated her for basically lying about her finances, she just had to go on morning TV and issue another statement about that. We won't bore you with the annoying details. ... The Beatles are suing a Florida entertainment company for $15 million to prevent them from releasing bootlegs of what was apparently Ringo Starr's first gig with the band. The recording was made in Hamburg in 1962, and the suit alleges that the tape is of "poor quality" and will dilute the Beatles' "extraordinarily valuable image." Guess it really did suck. ... Is Al D'Amato headed to the TV bench? The Hollywood Reporter says the former Senator is in "early stage" discussions about bringing his raspy rants to TV.


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Hook up Papa Joe with Heather Mills.

2369 days ago

Mr Poop Scoop    

Papa Joe is a fatty now. The Jess relationship is a sham for publicity in my opinion. I don't think any normal guy could put up with her for an extened period of time.

2369 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

What goes up does come down!! Joe and Tina, hmmm, I wondered if he was ever going to go all the way Hollywood and leave Tina and try some young girls. Yep. It has happened. I believe this story tobe true only because Joe Simspon has reveled too much in his daughter 's fame as their manager. He is a good manager. Give him that. He just enjoyed the fame a little too much. Her parents were together for the usual double date with Ti=onyRomo and Jessica at that pre-playoff game .
I did not get this Jessica's dad still doubling dating and tailing Jessica/

Heather Evil Mils needs to go away. far way. She needs to STFU.

2369 days ago


How many people are really surprised at Papa SImpsons actions. He always reaked of being a sleazy ball. The way he pimped his daughters out so that he could relish in the limelight. If I were his daughters i would run from his poisonous presence. Too late for Jessica she has a daddies girl complex, they are always fawning over each other and what kind of father invovles himself so intimately with his daughters sex life GROSS!! I have hope for Ashley run little girl run before daddy intangles u in his lecherous web

2369 days ago


Like we Really give a $HIT!

2369 days ago


I am a desperate loser and stalker!

2369 days ago


papa joe is creepy, makes my skin crawl.

2369 days ago

She looks great    

Heather Mills is getting an unfair PR smear.

It speaks to the usual sexism in our world that Mills is at fault for marrying for money, but it's perfectly ok for an old fart like McCartney to marry for youth/looks.

Why doesn't McCartney marry someone age appropriate? He's using women for youth and looks, and he's getting used for money. It's a RECIPROCAL arrangement. He can't have it both ways, even if he's a beloved Beatle.

McCartney is no angel, but people idolize the Beatles - even judges. Judges are not impartial though they're supposed to be.

Mills may be problematic but can't be easy going up against a Beatle about whom no one wants to think badly. Meanwhile, whatever her issues, you've got to applaud Mills for her fortitude in surviving and thriving with an amputated leg - most people would be stigmatized by such a disability, but it goes largely unnoticed on her.

2369 days ago


Love it or not.. it's a free country and Heather Mills Mc Cartney can speak whenever she likes.. you have the choice not to listen.

2369 days ago


I'm not surprised about Joe Simpson- he's as bad as these mega televangelists out there.

And as for Heather Mills- after seeing how she lied in the court papers, I don't have a shred of sympathy for her.

But it's Ryan Phillippe who really makes me sick. This adulterer just needs to shut up. We all know he cheated on Reese Witherspoon with Abbie Cornish; these feeble attempts to hide it with talk of being with other women, talk about how he was "suicidal" after his divorce, and the pictures of him from months ago with 18 year old girls don't hide his horndog ways. There's no way I'd go see any movie he does, no matter how much of a spin he tries to put on things.

2369 days ago

Winky Vitalic    

I understand that (ugh) Joe Simpson has even hit on Dina Lohan when she was at an awards dinner with Stedman in LA recently. DiLo made it clear that she was with "someone else" and basically gave Joe the COLD shoulder. Hope he doesn't go after LIndsay next! I love the person who suggested that he hook up with Heather Mills - good match! Both like to sponge off of other people and then complain about it and make their "loved" ones lives miserable!

As for Heather Mills getting an "unfair" hit - yes, she is free to speak her mind even when she is lying and I support that. But she shouldn't wonder why people hate her. So sorry littel Beatrice can't fly A Class on your $51M. Hope Sir Paul sues for custody. And while Heather doesn't have to give ANY of her "income" to ANYONE, including charity, don't get all upset when people actually check to see IF you gave any money and then you didn't. I hope she spends every bit of that money and ends up alone & broke. Fool!

2369 days ago

Winky Vitalic    

So, not impressed, you were THERE when Ryan Phillippe cheated on Amierca's sweetheart? In the room? AC is your best friend? You have NO IDEA if Reese is as squeaky clean as you think she is - remember that she boldy went up to Ryan @ her 21st bday party and basically had him that night. She got pregnant almost immediately and then got him to marry her to "do the right thing."

You don't know what really happened. Ryan was a GREAT Stern Show interview. You sound like a narrow minded Elle Woods fan who believes that Reese is the characters she plays. Grow up.

2369 days ago

Winky Vitalic    

And FYI - I also heard all about the Joe Simpson/Dina Lohan thing - on Perexz maybe? Wonder why tmz NEVER reports on those stories.

2369 days ago


Cross Dresser- I was no more there than you were. I could care less if Ryan gave a great interview- he needs too for the sake of his career. (I'll politely ignore the fact that he was on Howard Stern.)

But the word about him with Abbie Cornish started during the filming of Stop Loss, and, surprise, surprise, he came out to People mag and admitted that the two are now an item. Perhaps you are dumb enough to think it's coincidence- I'll leave you to your stupidity.

BTW- I'm no Reese Witherspoon fan. I never liked Legally Blonde, and to me she seems like an uptight b*tch. (I'll politely ignore this weird thing with Jake Gyllenhall.) I don't blame Ryan for leaving her- I just don't respect the way he did it or the massive PR campaign he's been waging since then to cover his dirty tracks. Basically, I don't like being lied to. Silence on his part would have suited me much better.

As far I'm concerned, this is a case of dirty rotten scoundrels on both sides. I don't like either one, and don't see the movies for either one.

2369 days ago

montana mike    

now that papa joe's two daughters have boyfriends, all he has to play with is himself

2369 days ago
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